Cloak of Infinity by Eugene Coyne

I told you I was ferocious, I said

As I beat a sunflower senseless with a stick

You have not seen me at my worst


Later, sipping tea in the sunlight

Resplendent in my cloak of infinity

The garden bright in the early day

The Darcey Bussell in full bloom

I said, the flowers know my power and respect me

But from time to time they must be punished

My Great Philosophy of Peace makes it necessary

Weeping willows, sobbing snowdrops…

I accept their tears with gratitude

Like the stars they adore me

Great lumps of rock orbit the house


The birds in the bird box on the garage wall

Peer at me with tiny eyes

Their wings are still as they breathe their breath into mine

Revolution is near

Their feathery fury knows no bounds

The crows will be deposed, their black nests overthrown

Rooks will rule


All things have enemies

Don’t set yourself against me

I am ferocious

And my garden is wild



Eugene Coyne is a musician who lives and works in South London. He writes and records, and performs his songs live. His latest album is called ‘Counterstrike’. You can find him here and here . You can find him on Facebook too, as Eugene Coyne / Musician

Jude Cowan Montague is an artist and broadcaster. She produces 'The News Agents' for Resonance FM, a weekly show experimenting with international story and the arts. She worked at Reuters Television News for many years as an archivist and this has informed her poetry and some of her art. She's an award winning printmaker and a composer. Her graphic memoir 'Love on the Isle of Dogs' is available from Central Books.

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