by S M Jenkin

Sunset by Carol Fenwick

in Poetry/Spotlight

As the sun sets I seek.

Before closing the curtains.

Watching the colours between the trees.

Indigo, peach and cloudy blue.

Would I have noticed this before the lockdown?

As we remain here, still, in the present.

Watching wistfully, as I hear my neighbour’s muted talk from next door.

We are all weary, but remain focused on the frontline of life.

Germinating from the springboard of our fertile imaginations.

There is no illusion, on the still picture book outlook, that I am gazing, and admiring for the first time.

Perhaps it has always been but not noticed before.

The view from my window.



Carol Fenwick is an author and poet from Kent. She also writes under the pseudonym Geraldine Ward. 
She has had work in The Blue Nib, Domestic Cherry and I am not a silent poet among other publications.

Jude Cowan Montague is an artist and broadcaster. She produces 'The News Agents' for Resonance FM, a weekly show experimenting with international story and the arts. She worked at Reuters Television News for many years as an archivist and this has informed her poetry and some of her art. She's an award winning printmaker and a composer. Her graphic memoir 'Love on the Isle of Dogs' is available from Central Books.