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The Hermetic-Vanetic Marriage, In Relationship To Evolutionary Mortal Marriages

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The Hermetic-Vanetic Marriage, In Relationship To Evolutionary Mortal Marriages, Based Upon An Example Of The Creator Son And The Universe Mother Spirit In Complementary Relationship

Just a few of these concepts come from Manly P. Hall and his Philosophical Research Society. But the majority is actually Continuing Fifth Epochal Revelation and comes from Paladin. This will become Paper 366 in The Cosmic Family, Volume VI

A definition of Hermetic marriage is: Hermeticism, also called Hermetism, is a religious, philosophical, and esoteric tradition based primarily upon writings attributed to Hermes Trismegistus, relating to an ancient occult tradition encompassing alchemy, astrology, theosophy, and male and female polarities in marriage.

A definition of Vanetic is:  the writings of Van pre-rebellion and post-rebellion eras. Van wrote for 300,000 years on the relationship of the Creator Son and the Universe Mother Spirit in relationship to evolutionary marriages. Most of the writings of Van were destroyed when the Library of Alexandria burnt down.

Continuing Fifth Epochal Revelation (The Cosmic Family volumes) teaches that as a result of the romantic relationship between the Creator Son and Universe Mother Spirit, their universe was sung into existence. Everything, every particle, every rock, every tree, the oceans, everything was sung into existence. This relationship between the two of them is the example of relationships between angelic beings, the positive and negative, and the example on evolutionary worlds of the goal for complementary relationships between mere mortals. 

Throughout the history of Urantia (Earth), sages and adepts and master teachers have taught the principles of masculine and feminine polarities, joining with each other to create harmonic creations and writings and art. Starting in the book of Genesis, we see the example of male and female polarity with Adam and Eve, with Eve actually being made from the rib of Adam, to show a close union between the two of them as the example for the evolutionary races. 

In all the cultures there are examples of male and female gods and deities, as well as in the mythologies of other countries and races, such as the Greeks with Zeus and Athena. In Egyptian mythology, there is the teaching of Isis and Osiris, the male and female deities, who also represent the Creator Son and Universe Mother Spirit, from the teachings in the Vanetic history of Urantia. But in actuality Isis and Osiris are representative of the teaching of Van from the pre-rebellion era. 

There is also the House of Osiris, which is one of the hidden esoteric mysteries of the beginning teachings of the cosmic family. The thrones are L-shaped, and point west and east, and represent beginning and end, birth and death, alpha and omega, beginning and completion, all within the context of the divine marriage—birth being the creatures created by the divine romance.

Urantia Book readers know that Adam and Eve were a Material Son and Daughter of another solar system, who came to this planet by choice to give the evolutionary races their higher genetics.

Thoth Hermes was the Egyptian god of wisdom, learning, and science. Some say he was a contemporary of Moses. Some scholars even claim that Moses and Hermes were the same person. He was also called by many other names: Hermes Trismegistus and Mercurius ter Maximus. This soul dominated the philosophical and literary thought of the ancient world. His very name became synonymous with wisdom. 

If you look at the life of Van and who he was, this speculation by the scholars is probably a fact, because readers of Continuing Fifth Epochal Revelation know who Moses was. And so Hermes is also bringing through Continuing Fifth Epochal Revelation and brought through the beginning Fifth Epochal Revelation, called The URANTIA Book.

Hermes knew of the relationship of the Creator Son and the Universe Mother Spirit, and all his writings reflected that fact. We know that Hermes was not a god but a superhuman mortal. Scholars say that during the life of Hermes Trismegistus, he wrote holy books that all dealt with, in some manner, the marriage of man and woman, that became known as the Hermetic marriage. 

Who Was Hermes?

Continuing Fifth Epochal Revelation says that Van himself wrote many many writings and books before the fall of Caligastia and taught about the relationship between the Creator Son and Universe Mother Spirit to the evolutionary races long before he was incarnated as Hermes in Egypt. His teachings, post-rebellion, were brought to the whole world on every known continent of this day. 

The ancient yellow race, that became China, has the understanding of mandates, or divine choice given to human beings to fulfill different destinies. They understood the chemistry of life in relationship to male and female, and often had a female goddess who was a virgin, called Kuan Yin, who was also called The Good Mother, long before the Virgin Mary concept. But long before that, the writings of Van influenced many cultures hundreds of thousands of years before the fall of Caligastia.

The book of Genesis talks about the Sons of God had relations with the daughters of men. Some scholars see this as a negative, but in fact it is a positive. Just like Adam and Eve were sent to Urantia to give their genetics to humankind, so too the Sons of God were chosen to give their genetics to the daughters of the fallen evolutionary races (and at times vice versa with the Daughters of God and sons of men). This in reality was some of the fallen staff of the Caligastia One Hundred, for after the fall, they continued to intermarry with the human races. And the male and female had relationships with human beings indiscriminately, which is why the negative aspect of cohabitation is written about by scholars trying to understand that passage in Genesis. 

The URANTIA Book is more detailed and Continuing Fifth Epochal Revelation gives even higher detail. Since the fall of Caligastia and the fall of the sixty super-mortals, marriage between ascending daughters and ascending sons on the fallen Urantia has been greatly imbalanced and affected by rebellion within the souls of the male and female body. The ideal of harmonic duality, as exemplified by the Creator Son and Universe Mother Spirit, is still in the early stages of perfection. 

The URANTIA Book states:  “Marriage has given mankind the home, and the home is the crowning glory of the whole long and arduous evolutionary struggle.” First-psychic-circle relationships are only achieved by the Mandate of the Bright and Morning Star. There are no second-circle relationships. Third-circle relationships are more reached at Planetary Sacred Home within Divine Administration by only a few at this time.

The majority of male-female relationships are at the level of the fourth psychic circle and down to seventh. People involved in marriages from fourth to seventh circles can be somewhat happy with each other but never achieve their true destiny purposes with each other and are very little benefit to humankind as a whole. They can achieve somewhat of actualization and human happiness within their own nuclear family, but not be an instrument of healing for the whole fallen Urantia state. 

David, King of Israel, was first and foremost a shepherd, meaning a pastor. He was pastor and priest by destiny function and also King. And in that life he had spiritual complements with him, Abigail and Bathsheba. This is why great accomplishments were done by King David. 

David was far ahead of his son Solomon. And Solomon tried to find his spiritual complements innate within him by having concubines that were not the real thing. So Solomon never achieved what David achieved, because only God can bring you the true Hermetic marriage, which is done by Providence, not by human choice.

Even the evolutionary races understood that there was a kind of magic experience that happened in their lives beyond their own choice, which they attributed to the Creator’s hand in their lives because they knew they had nothing to do with this magic. Different cultures called this magic different things. 

Lao-Tse called this the Tao—something so perfect that it could not be done by the human hand or mind. This became known as the universal energy by other adepts and sages. In male and female relationships, the mind was called the positive pole of the soul, while the heart was called the negative pole.

We know, as Urantia Book readers, that the male is positive and the female negative and that the Universe Mother energy lives in the mind circuitry. But both polarities can live in the heart. There are analogies between the sun and the moon as being male or female energy. The sun, by the ancients, was understood to be the heart. And the sun for them reflects strength, reason, and logic, that masculine or paternal power. And love, beauty, intuition, and kindness were feminine and lunar qualities.

In our chemical understanding, gold and silver blended to represent spiritual qualities in human life. And so the marriage of the sun and moon was therefore the marriage of the heart and mind, or two halves of nature, which is the union of strength-masculine and beauty-feminine, courage-masculine and inspiration-feminine (not that one of these qualities can’t be in the other). 

Presently on Urantia we are in the infancy of understanding male and female polarities and how they relate to each other in human marriage. There is the yin and yang in all human personalities. This was not brought through in China but was brought through by Van and the 100 supermortals to the evolutionary races before the fall. This was one of the primal teachings of the Caligastia One Hundred before the fall. The yin and the yang is taught in all of the grand universe of time and space. Lao-Tse continued to bring through teachings of the masculine and feminine polarities in every incarnation. 

In Genesis it states that God created man in his own image, “male and female created He them.” We must remember that Moses, who was Van, wrote the first five books of the Bible, called the Pentateuch. We should understand from this sentence that God is both male and female. 

Cohabitation between male and female brings forth new life. But the marriage between male and female, in relationship to family and home, is in the kindergarten stages on Urantia. And the higher teachings of grand-universal examples of marriage have never taken root on fallen Urantia. The marriage institution, with having children and raising them as parents, is an alteration of the universal example that exists on higher worlds of time and space.

Marriage is, therefore, the Hermetic (Vanetic) symbol of the ultimate reunion of the two halves of each individual’s androgynous nature. There needs to be an equilibrium between the masculine and feminine qualities in true universal marriage. It is not the wedding ring that establishes the finalization of the union of the male and female. It is the soul or heart desire to become one in God. The male, the female, and the invitation of God in the marriage create a true universal marriage or complementary pair unit.

The Hermetic-Vanetic marriage, as taught by Van, is therefore an individual matter, involving the individual attainment and sincere effort to be balanced, sane, and consistent in everything he or she does in relationship to marriage. 

Reason, logic, philosophy, courage, daring, and aspiration are known as masculine qualities by the mystics of history, tapping into the original teachings of Van, just as inspiration, intuition, grace, beauty, faith, and love are the feminine qualities. In India the understanding of Radha and Krishna is the analogy to Michael and the Universe Mother Spirit. 

Fallen Urantia has caused the disharmony of the genders as well as the disharmony of individual circuitry with a diseased circuitry. On planets where individuals begin to express these diseased circuitry viewpoints on life, they are quarantined away from population and rehabilitated. This is done so that they do not cause others to adhere to their distorted viewpoints of sexuality or start a rebellion in the imbalance of the Trinity circuitry.

On Urantia and other fallen worlds, because there are no quarantines of imbalanced circuitry, much damage has infected the human race. The great masters of spirituality have always tried to quarantine disciples in their monastic living or not allow imbalanced initiates into their monastic lifestyle. Proper male and female responses to each other are part of spiritual maturity and ascension. 

Understanding of this truth—a composite of Elohim, male and female, father and mother—became known in China as the yin and yang, and in India as the Isvara and Avalokiteśvara of ancient Hindu. It is understood by all adepts of time in the history of Urantia that the home, with male and female balanced parents, is the strength and moral character, and that if these qualities are not taught in the first fifteen years of life, the child will be very damaged. 

The concept and the ideal of the immaculate conception is not just with Christianity. It is one of the oldest concepts of spiritual history on Urantia. Gods are born of immaculate conceptions because man himself is such a damaged creature that no God can come from a normal sexual union. 

It has been taught that most men are unbalanced to bring forth the sperm to the virgin seed of the woman, who needs to be also undefiled, so that a great soul can be brought through. In cosmic reality this is close to the truth, because only virtuous souls can bring through higher starseed. The more perfect the soul, the higher the incoming soul can be.

The URANTIA Book brings through the truth that Joseph cohabited with Mary to bring through Jesus and that He was the Son of God, despite a normal sexual relationship. Jesus Himself, as He began to teach, taught that man had to reach the perfection of God and it begins right here on this lower evolutionary world. And for starseed, particularly fourth-order starseed, they must re-begin what they started at some point in their spiritual evolution. 

Sex brings forth a good feeling of physical enjoyment. However, when the soul you are cohabitating with is truly loved, the experience of sex is not just physical but spiritual and even divine. Most humans never experience the divine aspects of the sexual relationship, because they themselves are not interested in spiritual growth. You cannot see what you have not obtained. And your sexual relationships then are of the lower chakras or circuits. You are at the root and are experiencing animalistic physical experiences. You have not evolved beyond the root circuits. And you will be limited by the gods from receiving the gifts of the gods to fulfill your individual destiny. 

In summary, to the animal-man there is indulgence in all things. To the God-man or God-human, there is moderation in all things or self-control. To the divine-man, there is abstinence from all things that are outside of the will of God. This goes beyond self-control to desiring the will of God and the laws of God above self-gratification. Consistency of desiring self-control in all things—eating or drinking, or sexual appetites—is the mark of a mature spiritual man or woman. 

Practice of divine discipline leads to true harmonic marriage between you, your wife or husband, and, in an alchemical way, with God the Father, Son, and Mother, which is a universal polarity of love. And in such self-control, over time in this consistency, obeying the divine laws of God becomes natural and automatic rather than struggle. 

There is a natural law of polarities in the reproduction of species in fulfillment of the spiritual laws, whereas females become like the Universe Mother Spirit, and males become like the Creator Son—both becoming one, and void of the main deficiency of all fallen human minds. That deficiency is selfishness. Selfishness tends to using the complement for your own desires and wishes. 

The human race, since the Rebellion, has lost all semblance to become like the Universe Father or Universe Mother. As a result of the Rebellion, the human race has missed the opportunity to acquire balance and symmetry, therefore ignoring the actual meaning of life’s relationship with husband and wife or pair unit.

Wrong decisions have caused both male and female to stray far past the Tao, or fixed path, of the design of God for evolutionary humans on Urantia. A husband or male complement should be like a priest in the order of Melchizedek, a protector to the wife and a symbol of guidance, to more so hear the will of the Father in the relationship of male and female, to become together a pair unit in the Divine New Order to come.

In Divine Administration presently that is the only spiritual monastic lifestyle that exists to perpetuate the making of true pair units on Urantia. Individuals must first make adjustments within themselves to become the feminine divine and the masculine divine before they can become a pair-unit divine complementary instruments of God—not two instruments, but one flowing and harmonic instrument, positive and negative, masculine and feminine, yin and yang. This could never happen when one or the other is functioning in their own selfishness.

A harmonic marriage, as taught in the Vanetic teachings, is the apotheosis of the world’s most abused institution that can come out of rebellion and into the glorious power of universal marriage between man and woman to move the purposes of God on Earth forward in the Divine New Order to come. Divine Administration is the first fruits of that harmonic relationship that Destiny Reservists are to first bring to the world. 


Gabriel of Urantia, World religions.

Gabriel of Urantia is one of the most unique and distinct spiritual leaders and authors of our time. His work provides wisdom, cosmic absolutes, and answers to the questions of the seeking soul. He is the co-founder of Global Community Communications Alliance, a multifaceted global change 501(c)(3) nonprofit, comprised of approximately 120 change agents from five continents. Gabriel of Urantia also co-founded The University of Ascension Science and The Physics of Rebellion located in Tumacácori, Arizona. His lifelong devotion to God and service to humankind has led him through many levels of spiritual growth resulting in his founding a variety of innovative and highly successful programs for helping others to ascend spiritually so they can heal and prosper as ascending souls of God and fulfil their God-given destinies.

Additional information about Gabriel of Urantia is available on his Electronic Press Kit at http://epk.gccalliance.org/gabriel-of-urantia.

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