My Summer Name by Leoncia Flynn

in Poetry/Spotlight

The colours changed, the sky set aflame.

The red bled into the sea.

If the birds had to hide to their beaks,

then it must be true.

We got stuck on this flattened earth

and we struggle to stand up.

Spines so unsupported, not made broken but broken down


So I will live in the moments before the light fixes all concrete.

The freedom that dawn promises,

the superposition of possibilities and my Summer name.


The colours, random, ever-shifting,

they breathe in and breathe out

I never wanted to hold them down . . .

But this overseer collapsed the words . . .


So no time for play, with glorious mistakes

No raising of the tent or shelters

but who got to decide what looks right . . .

we’re blinded by the light


Yet I still feel the tides, the pulse of the moon

it’s alive. I could never be one thing

I’m always changing.

Cos we’re better than the book.


We don’t need to be told what is good.

Cos we’re good enough,

we forgot we could rip it up . . .

and i remembered my Summer name.

It came to me in a Winter’s dream.

Oh remember the dark, remember the sea . . .



Leoncia Flynn is an art therapist, artist and musician. She has been in a several bands covering diverse genres from soul/jazz to post-punk and collaborated with composers providing vocals and lyrics for different projects including film. Her lyrics are often inspired by anthropological and historical concepts.

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