Monday’s Double by Stanley Bad

in Poetry/Spotlight

By Sunday we couldn’t afford to delay:
the both of us knew that today was the day.
Under-prepared for a premature birth,
the doctors—to thwart us—thought it would be worth
attaching our mum to an alcohol IV…

So the three of us
were inebrious
by Monday.

Now, I’m not bonny and I’m not blithe,
and I may not be good but at least I’m alive.
Would that my twin could be with us today!
Had we been delivered on Sunday, then hey—
perhaps we would still be together. Who can say?

Only Monday’s double
died with breathing trouble
on Wednesday.

Biog: Stanley Bad began writing punk songs in the Seventies. In the Eighties he took to busking at the foot of Cleopatra’s Needle. His signature song, I’m Bad, was plagiarised by Michael Jackson. In the Nineties he joined Nottingham’s infamous “A Band” and traded on the cassette-networking scene. He lives in London, performing with various bands, notably his unpop band, SBAD.