This is War by Isabel del Rio

in Poetry


flowers as hand-me-downs

love as plunder



the time you spoke up and lit the landscape

even in passing no one ever mentioned that you had some kind of chance



conflict is a sought-after trait first thing in the morning

despite the many years together you are still someone I met one day



ask yourself in plain English: are you ready to go to war

belonging to a splinter faction will also do the trick



most are held back by sayings such as: throwing caution to the wind

of course you have a score to settle, of course you missed the boat



my shadow was always more eloquent than I could ever be

dusk obliterates everything in its path without so much as a blink



except for a shell or a shard, you will take nothing with you when you go

words mostly lose their fragrance once spoken



being nice is a role you undertook against your better judgment

alchemy can happen at any moment in the middle of a sentence



calling things by their name also means calling names

the silence of the aftershock happens on the hour



that unrequited version of myself was very much lost in translation

dawn is not necessarily the start of anything at all

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