Anno Dracula. Interview with Kim Newman. Part 3

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You know when you write, do you write to upset your readers?

No, in all honesty, you don’t want to, sometimes I write about things that annoy me and assume it will annoy the reader. I don’t think that I am  particularly confrontational or gruesome writer. I did start out in thd 1980s ghd Era of the Video Nasties and a bit of Splatter Punk, I don’t particularly associate with those kind of writers. I am aware that I have written gruesome physical Horror and Horror Comedy , E.C and Evil Dead, sort of stuff. I have also written emotional Grueling stuff as well. I let the story dictate, I do not think I self Censor, I have sometimes, thought I could not do that as it would not be good, or I could not pull that of.

Have you ever written something that you regretted or thought you should not have written that?

Not really, sometimes a bit, I have not done that Woke re-examination of my work, as I am sure that I was horribly racist and Sexist and Homophobic, without meaning it as that was the culture of the time. I speak as a self described wet liberal, I live in Islington, I have written for the Guardian!
When Anno Dracula was written , there was a gay Vampire in it who is particularly unpleasant, and I had forgotten how unpleasant. Yet it is s character that I did not create, but looking back at it it makes perfect sense as there were very Nasty Gays in Victorian Times. Really Horrible, Alfred Lord Douglas was a ghastly human being the latter Anno Dracula I did consciously try to include a nice gay Vampire, but I never changed the original text of Anno Dracula. Now I would be more concerned with representation of a minority group. Inevitably they come to represent that minority group. That is not to say each time there is a gay character they should be Nice, as that is a different type of representation. 

Did anyone that was Gay pull you up about this Character?

No, not at all, occasionally people have tweeted me about things I obviously know nothing about. I have more often had people complain about the tiny things like the rivets on an Airplane.
So I don’t think I am a offender, I have written a lot of things fast, and there is nothing in particular that I would like to take back

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