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Open Drawer – Showbiz Interview with Sock and CB

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MIAMI, USA: Exclusive Chat with Sock & Cavendish Banana. By director and Media Desk Editor Doug Haywood

So at the end of 2019 has been an amazing year for you guys. What were your fave picks? Best movie? Who would you have given an Oscar too that was passed over in this year’s awards?

S: Yeah, can’t complain. Films? We don’t really have the patience to be honest, do we Cav? We didn’t like Toy Story though. We’re not so keen on CGI, you see.  CB: Herbie Goes Bananas is still a favourite, my Great Uncle was in that! S: We love dancing films so Saturday Night Fever had to have a reference in the film! I’m a big fan of Godard and Cav loves Peter Sellers for his comic timing and use of props. CB: Art Basel Miami was great – a bit restrictive and uncomfortable but the pay was good! I was temp modelling for Catellan’s ‘Comedian’. I met so many cool people and Maurizio is a right laugh.  Sadly my old mate Musa was eaten live on camera by a performance artist, but it’s what he would have wanted. He gave everything for his art. We miss you, Moozy! Maybe David Datuna should get the Oscar! (they both laugh uncontrollably)

Sock selfie with banana

There were some rumours going around earlier this year of a big project in which you’d be starring together. Can you give us some hints of whether this is going ahead and who is the director? Names please! 

S: As for future plans, we’ll, let’s just say we’re besties and we love working together on set. We do have friends in high places now though.  CB: I got lots of modelling contracts off the back of the Miami exposure (potential Calvin Klein ad!) and Sock’s tipped to be involved in some fresh laundry commercials. So keep your eyes peeled and buttons open for that!
S: There’s a big Warhol show coming up at Tate, so we’re hoping for something there..we might just storm the place and do some candid camera action…peel slowly and see!

Sock you used to be a foot-tarian, now you’re a froot-tarian. What’s next? Sock Rock?

S: Sock Rock!? Are you kidding? It’s dancing feet all the way. We do like Bananarama of course.
CB: No, that would be telling! Actually, there’s a darned good Happy Feet song we’re working on, along with Kermit but we’re not supposed to say anything yet (or Piggy will get mad!)

Cav, yellow is your colour – hot sunshine, long beaches. Sock you look great in purple. Complementaries – they say opposites attract. Is that true in your case.

S: Yeah, we go together well like bananas and custard.  CB: Ha..or athletes and Stink Foot!

Sock’s in the City saw you two cavorting over the town in a modern Pygmalion. Is Sock Professor Higgins to Cav’s El

S: Aww it was such a great day. We had a real laugh, sneakily filming without public consent! We were thrown out of the Las Vegas Arcade in Soho within seconds. Jude’s professionalism was excellent on location and Doug’s energy got us through a very fast and action packed day. They are both excellent artists and a joy to work with. Ooh, must mention that Charlie boy at Snog. He had a lot of patience and allowed us to film the dance scene among his customers. He also serves excellent ice cream and has good hair! 

CB: Less thanks to the Sweet Shop guy who just didn’t get should see the outtakes! Ha ha

So the masters of mayhem, mischief and masquerade seem to be taking the cultural scene by storm. In a challenging world of disposability, social identity and inequality, these two represent a beacon of hope for future garments and foodstuffs alike. Long live Sock and Cavendish! Signing off, Doug Haywood for the Media Desk

David Datuna and Maurizio Catellan were unavailable for comment

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