Tracie, executing a pond rescue with an animal rescue friend

Tracie, Rescue Bird! Animal Rescue Starts at Home

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In Blackheath, there is an animal rescuer working all hours to save little tiny birds and great big seagulls from all kinds of perils. A sweet fox visits her daily. She’s serious about this. Okay, the fox is attracted by the birds but she now comes for the company and the health care. She trusts Tracie.

Tracie is one of the unsung, tireless animal rescuers who rescue all kinds of creatures. Empathetic. She’s a modern day hero. She’s my hero.

This article is a simple tribute to my friend and others like her who give up their time and energy for the wildlife of the world at a time when they are under attack from all quarters of human life.

I have been drawing Tracie’s work and it’s flying internationally. Recently it has been at two exhibitions in Finland, Taivaassa in Hirvitalo, Pispala, Tampere and at the Mix/Match show in Helsinki run in association with ASS, the Arts Society of Soho.

Tracie prepares food for the babies somehow fitting this into her busy jobs. It shows you what you can do if you love animals.

Pigeons come by and say hello. She’s a flutter with baby birds like a human hedge. Sparrows poke out of her hair. She’s a genius with furry animal love. A mother and a friend to the tiny neglected beings that try to live alongside us.

She has seabirds, great gulls, or maybe an injured owl, in cardboard boxes. They stay with her while she works out how they can be re-habbed, re-wilded in association with experts at sancutaries. Sometimes even some workers from the sanctuaries aren’t supportive. Why have you got these animals they say? Because I am taking care of them – that is why I’m calling you so you can take them on from me as an expert. I’m the intermediary between the public and the vets and the continued life of these creatures.

Life is stressful enough – animal rescuers need us all to support them even if it’s just with motivational approval. Go, Tracie!

I had hoped to take a little mallard from Tracie. I called him Quincey. He had under developed wings. They would never grow properly. I was looking forward to bringing him home. Then sadly, suddenly, out of the blue, he died while I was in Finland.

Animals die. They don’t all make it. They are vulnerable. They have short life spans. They break our hearts.

Baby ducks enjoying mealworms

Footprint Workers Co-op in Leeds have produced a blue risoprint pamphlet of my drawings, Tracie, Rescue Bird, which is available for 5 pounds, plus 1 pound postage money which will go to Tracie for food etc. If you want to support her worthy animal-helping cause, please contact The Sunday Tribune or send a message via my website:-

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