Susannah Violette

Running Deer

in Poetry/Spirituality

Mother Mary, eyes cast downwards

to the cracks in the tarmac, witness to

where her blood veined outside her body 

where her body gave up 


fresh flowers are laid here everyday 

some by the wild cherry 

who can’t forget those other eyes 

that turned up appreciatively to it’s boughs 

its young sapped leaves reached for her 


someone has lit a candle for her soul

it flickers how dawn appears through silver birch, and she is still running 


and she is still running 


from here to there 

the air clouds her ghost

the colour of pollen 

and dapples her here 

and not here 


but of course, the flowers 

are not for her, nor the candle 

nor Mother Mary her eyes cast down

to the stretch of road where she lay, no, 

they are for the man that hit her 

and she is still running


Susannah Violette has had poems placed or commended in the Plough Prize, Westival International Poetry Prize, the Frogmore poetry prize, Coast to Coast to Coast pamphlet comp and appeared in various publications worldwide most recently Strix and Eyeflash.

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