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Man’s Eternal Quest

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In worldly ambitions and goals, there is always an element of uncertainty. So many people spend year after year trying wholeheartedly but unsuccessfully to make money. But in the spiritual path, no wholehearted seeker is ever unsuccessful. His labors are never in vain. When you plant a seed in the ground, you must not take it out every day to see if it is germinating; you will only hamper its growth.

Same goes with the seeds of your spiritual efforts. Once they are planted, leave them there, and tend them carefully. Perseverance is the whole magic of success. We must believe, against all seeming odds, that the realization will come. Without perseverance and unquenchable enthusiasm nothing can be gained. If the universe responded easily and openly to our efforts and prayers for divine illumination, all men would immediately seek God—not for love of Him, but for the illimitable rewards. We put forth our hands to receive God’s gifts of life and sun and food and all other He bestows on us; but even as we receive them, we are unmindful of the Giver. If you would lovingly give presents to someone and later find out that that person never thinks of you, how hurt would you feel? God feels that way too. Every day we use His gift of sight to see the world, we accept gifts of thought and reason, but we remain oblivious of Him. If God is ever a beggar, it is to ask your love. He is continuously pursuing you; He coaxes you through the words of enlightened masters. Do not ignore him.

Those who not meditate regularly and deeply are restless wherever they go and give up their search after a short effort. But if you make a greater effort day by day, the ability to go deep will come. On, surprisingly little effort will be needed. Great happiness comes to the seeker who is steadfast. Remember, it is the naughty baby who gets the mothers attention. The easily pacified infant is soon satisfied with toys (worldly achievements). But the naughty baby only wants his mother and goes on crying until she comes. So cry, until the Divine Mother comes! The Divine Mother is most eager to have you in her arms, but first, you must prove that you want only Her. You must cry urgently and unceasingly; then She smiles and is with you instantly. Divine spirit has no partiality; the Mother loves all. But you must appreciate her love and must respond to it.

Samanta Tari Pertiwi praying and doing purification ritual at the holy spring water at Pura Tirta Empul temple.

I have seen the effects on people who have gained a little of human love, or a little money—how happy they are. But if they could see the strength, love and happiness is in the Divine, they would flee from all else. You cannot summon God by a little cry; it must be unceasing and not quelled by toys of money, fame and human love. Your seeking must be continuous. When your desire is only for God, you will attain Self—realization. Then your lessons in this world are finished. You are filled evermore with the joy of the infinite. Remember, it is not what you hear that redeems you, but what you do with what you hear. Don’t think you can attain Self—realization simply by listening to others and reading books. You must practice what you hear and read. Many hear what they should do, but few acts upon it. Don’t paralyze your determination. When you know something is right, why shouldn’t you go after it? Why shouldn’t you cry for the Lord until the skies are shaken with your love?  

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