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Hammersmith Days

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Hammersmith Days


Couples collude for selfies by

the river, their images networked

via the labyrinth of the Web

as if inducting them to a gallery


of the once-lived. I invoke the

demolished pubs and dancehalls,

picture years of people gliding

through the Broadway to the Palais.


There are no longer apparitions

in the glass-panelled offices; spooks

don’t table-tilt in the bars smashed

to rubble, risen as restaurant brands.


There’s a spirit that’s absent,

lost due to desertion of what

was once alive in me. I hunt

the trail of its return, to see


it thrive in the fit of a new

skin. One day, one work-a-day

day, turning the corner on any

street, I’ll smack bang into it.

Biography: Michael Wyndham’s debut collection ‘Are You Alive Now?’ was published by Friends of Alice Publishing, an independent press based in West London, in January 2019. www.friendsofalice.com . The book includes phantasmagoric colour plates from Sally Wyndham. Michael’s poetry has also appeared in various magazines and E-zines, notably the online relaunch of the iconic International Times.

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