“I am as Old as the Sun and as New as the Sunrise.” (His Holiness Paramahamsa Nithyananda Swami)

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The birth of a new era is upon us and the man who is trying to bring it to us is Paramahamsa Nithyananda Swami lovingly called Swamiji.

Paramahamsa Nithyananda Swami is revered, regarded, respected and worshipped as the Avatar (living incarnation)  of super-consciousness by millions across the globe. He is also the spiritual head of Mahanirvani Peetha, the oldest and largest apex body of Hinduism. He and his Sangha around the globe is serving humanity by reviving the science of completion, the science of Enlightenment and manifesting various extraordinary spiritual powers as per the Vedic Agamic tradition of Sanatana Hindu Dharma. He is the author of 300 books, which are translated and published in 500 titles and various international languages. His Sangha (spiritual community) has a strong presence worldwide through numerous Temples, Adheenams (Temple monastery complex), Gurukuls (Vedic schools), universities, goshalas(cow shelters) established by Him. His live Satsangs (spiritual discourses) every morning (8 am IST) are viewed by people from all countries around the world.

Swami has been fighting the Hindu persecutors in many ways, but always with utmost love and dignity. His determination to awaken humanity has been proven unconditional and unshakeable. But, he is not preaching; he is showing. Swamiji is not fond of blind belief, he wants people to understand and most of all, remember what already lies in their subconscious mind.

Nithyananda experienced enlightenment at age 12 and he describes his experience: »First experience, that I was able to see everything around me, above me, the whole 360 degrees, I realized not only was I able to see, but I was also able to feel the experience. The skin of the stone on which I was sitting and the skin on my body, both carry me  equally, in both I exist equally.«

He began his public appearance in 2003 saying: »Sangha is a place where the tattvas are taught to you and till it becomes Satja, you are supported.« With 33 Vedic temples, 347 city centers in 47 countries Swamiji became a spiritual leader of Hinduism. In the year of 2013, he was coronated as Mahamandaleshwar of Mahanirvani Akhada (the oldest apex body of Hinduism). A person called Mahamandaleshwar has been elevated by his peers to the highest level of traditional, Hindu spiritual guardianship. Today India has 530 Mahamandaleshwars who carry on the work begun by Adi Shankaracharya 1200 years ago.

Nithyananda is not only teaching traditional knowledge, but he also initiated thousands of people already into the powers of Sadashiva (body scanning, third eye awakening, etc.) His desire is to reestablish the awakened humanity that we once were thousands of years ago.

»When you choose your guru, the best thing is to find a person who is enlightened, experienced, who can play with energy, who can directly transmit the experience to you and who is in tune with the original Shastras, the source of the knowledge. All the revealed scriptures available about the yoga, directly by Sadashiva, for you to research, study, practice, question the people who teach.«

His Holiness Paramahamsa Nithyanada believes in the human potential beyond imperfections and is tiresomely contributing to the mass awakening. I leave you with his words for you to decide:

»Everything is infinitely powerful. You realize your potentiality; you establish yourself in the space of completion; you are god. All of us are gods.«

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