Kevin Reid with Androgyny

I Sang to No One Today by Kevin Reid

in Poetry

I sang to no one today


because I could hear your voice 

telling me I'm selfish, moaning 

cause I always wear black.


You're too hip-hop to ever know 

the value of Johnny Cash or 

solitary confinement. In here


it's quiet, out there it's Sunday; 

when the faithful hymn together  

and others hangover in silence. 


I turn on the radio;  

love songs, no thanks. 


Bio: Born in Ayrshire, Scotland, Kevin now lives in Athens, Greece, where he teaches English as a foreign language. He is the founding creator of >erasure, >erasure ii; mixed media collaborations with various artists and poets  He is widely published both online and in print. Burdlife  (Tapselteerie, 2017), is a sequence of nine wee poems inspired by Scottish birdsong and Ivor Cutler. Androgyny (4word, May 2018) is his latest poetry pamphlet.