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The Divine Partnership

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A wounded heart that decides to love even more is immortal, it survives and blooms time after time. If you happen to live in it, there is no safer place in the world than it’s beating.

When divine counterparts finally unite, there is certainly a feeling of perfection, but in reality, there is much healing to be done. A divine love that lives on earth has to adjust accordingly. There will be times when the fear of losing each other is so great, that the temptation of giving up can sneak in. There will also be a present fear of losing oneself, but in reality, the divine union is exactly about union with oneself. This is not a partnership like any other, there will always be trials and tests from the universe, to make the connection even stronger. For this partnership has a mission to fulfill, it doesn’t exist solely for our pleasure. The divine union of feminine and masculine is meant to heal the world and raise the vibration of humanity. This can only be achieved by first healing each other so that no other force can shake the foundation of their union.

Divine feminine will have to cope with her fear of losing her divine masculine, the fear of him stepping back when she completely gives herself into this partnership. She will experience triggers from past traumas that can go as far as childhood or even further into previous lives. As she was the first to awaken, she will surely recognize the triggers and do the inner work. All of this is meant to awaken her further and truly heal all aspects of herself and even her bloodline. Her ancestral memory will also play a big part in the healing process. The crucial traumas are usually passed through the feminine side of the family, because of the umbilical cord that connects the baby and the mother. The divine feminine will have to heal those as well as her own to reach the state where nothing else exists but unconditional love.

Divine masculine will have the challenge of controlling his own ego, as well as the voice of patriarhism. He will face times when he feels like he is loosing himself and his identity. This will be even more intense because the awakening process is still ongoing even in the union. It has to be finished in the union because divine masculine has to learn the lesson of surrender. He will be at war with the aspect of losing old friends, old patterns of behavior and even old ways of thinking. It is all due to the awakening process, but it may happen that sometimes he will subconsciously blame his divine feminine for it. For she is the source of his awakening. She is the one that will hold the light when he would rather stay in the dark. She will risk losing him over letting him fall asleep again because this is what unconditional love is all about. The divine masculine will also have triggers from the past and will be challenged to discover the differences between his divine feminine and the other feminines that crossed his path.

They will both be tested as many times as it takes for them to realize it is all just a fine-tuning of their vibration. The universe will make them remember their true identity and mission. When they achieve this high state of consciousness, they will be ready to take the world by a storm. The love in their eyes will melt the negativity of the planet and spirit will protect their union above all. For they are warriors of love, the only ones who can awaken humanity to the only truth that ever existed.  

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