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The 12 Pillars of Light, Part 2

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The sixth Yyotirling was activated in the forest where Mahakali liberated her devotee Daruka of her abusive husband. The anger of Mahakali was so intense that Shiva needed to appear before her in a child-like form of Batuk Bhairav to calm her down and thus saved the forest from destruction. That is why in that place the snakes are worshipped in his honor. This Yyotirling was established by snakes forming it, that is why the Yyotirling is in the shape of a snake rising her head from the ground, symbolizing Kundalini rising (spiritual awakening). Henceforth, the forest of Daruka is the location of the Yotirling temple known as the Nageshwar Yyotirling. A women’s respect grew in stature at that spot, her energies grew here. In the future, anyone who comes here to this spot with a feeling of respect towards women will find his own energies growing exponentially.

The seventh Yyotirling was worshiped by Shiva’s devotee Remriteshwar for many years. Shiva activated it after destroying the demon Bhimasur, who tried to harm Remriteshwar. If a person has faith, it will empower him in a crisis. In regards to this lesson, this Yyotirling was named Bhimashankar. Anyone who comes here with faith in their minds will find that this Shivaling will calm their inner feelings of revenge The person will be graced with the blessing of Shiva.

Demon mother Diti was slowly losing her calm as she felt that the moment of her defeat is approaching. She invoked Goddess Ganga and raped her with a spell of negativity: »You aren’t merely a river. You are a poem. Wherever you flow, you render it pure. But, there is a spot which you can’t be allowed to purify. The day you stop flowing, this spot will become impure. After that, it will certainly be destroyed. You will do this task for me. Just like me, Shiva and Shakti had been unjust to you as well. The respect that was due to you was always denied to you. But now you will show them That when the Ganga loses her temper what are the consequences thereof. If Shiva and Shakti get in your way you will not let them come near this spot unless you invoke them. Shiva carries river Ganga in his hair that is why he must respect this.« Ganga truly stopped her flow in the village of a devotee of Shiva sage Gautam and his wife Ahalya. Sage Gautam took a straw of weed and started to invoke Shiva. The straw became fresh grass and entrapped Goddess Ganga so she could not move. This was a test of faith, for the power of devotion made a simple piece of straw bind negativity. Although Ganga refused to invoke Shiva, the chanting of sage and his wife created a vibration that was beyond her control. She started chanting as well and thus invoked Shiva and Shakti. The river started flowing again and the eighth Yyotirling was activated by the name Trimbakeshwar. Anyone who is influenced by negative vibes and facing any kind of crisis, worshipping this Yyotirling and praying to God will alleviate all his troubles.

The place where the ninth Yyotirling was established was devastated by the hands of demon mother Diti, so Goddess of creation Parvati (Shakti) blessed the spot with her energy and ensured that this place will forever be blessed by nature. This spot is very special to Lord Shiva, because of its connection to his beloved deity and his spouse Parvati. That is why a part of him will always be present there. This Yyotirling will be eternally remembered by the universe as Kedarnath. This spot will forever symbolize the importance of nature in a person’s life. If in the future, human beings disdain nature Kedarnath will certainly assume his furious form to teach humanity a lesson.

Of the next three Yyotirlings, two will be established in the future. One of them will be established by Ganesh, who will assume the form of  Baiju. Thus this Yyotirling will be known as Baijnathdam. The energy of the spot was surely activated, but the Yyotirling itself will be someday established by Ganesh. Baijnath Yyotirling will forever remind the world that if you wish to protect those you love, sometimes you may find intellect more useful than power. After the Baijnath Shivaling is established the circle of time will move ahead so that the next Yyotirling will be established by Vishnu’s human avatar, the ideal human being Ram. It will be known as Rameshwaram. While Baijnath symbolizes the victory of intellect over power, Rameshwaram will symbolize sacrifice.

The last, twelfth Yyotirling was established in the place which works as a bridge between creation and doom. The holy land of Kashi is the source of re-creating all of creation. Shiva held this place on his trident, while Shakti blessed it with nature. By holding aloft Kashi on the tip of his trident, Shiva has saved the universe from destruction. The holy land of Kashi is the place where Shiva has chosen to be lord of the universe and protected the world. The Yyotirling established here is known as Kashi Vishweshwar.

Demon mother Diti accepted her defeat and asked Shakti to be liberated by death. Shakti explained to her that she has been already liberated by her surrender. The establishment of the 12 Yyotirlings would not be possible without her. From here to eternity these Yyotirlings are pillars of support for the universe which remind humanity of the 12 lessons associated with them. Somnath symbolizes devotion. Mallikarjun is about motherly love. Mahakaleshwar is all about dedication. Grushmeshwar is about faith. Omkareshwar symbolizes humility. Nageshwar symbolizes women’s empowerment. Bhimashankar symbolizes belief. Trimbakeshwar is for purity. Kedernath is all about the reverence of nature. Baijnath is about the intellect. Rameshwar is about sacrifice. Vishweshwar symbolizes the ultimate location for liberation. The most important factor is that these 12 Yyotirlings are none other than the manifestation of Lord Shiva himself. He is all. He is none too. He is Om. 

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