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The 12 Pillars of Light

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According to Indian history, there came a time when the demon mother Diti wanted revenge for the death of her sons, so she decided to destroy the balance of the universe between light and darkness. That way all the realms would become one and the same as the underground. The Gods turned for help to Shiva and Parvati, which offered a solution in the form of 12 pillars of light, called Jyotirlingas.

That would establish back the balance between good and evil, for there has to be both for the existence of the universe. Jyotirlingas are spiritual centers which helped the universe to balance out divine powers. Whenever negative energy abounds and impedes the universe and its creations these centers and their positive energy will balance out the negativity. But to do that those centers have to be activated. There needs to be 12 of them for a very special reason. Every creature in the world is governed by five elements and the seven chakras. Those help to maintain balance in life. While the five elements are responsible for the creation in the world, the seven chakras unite to harness the energy of God and let it flow into the body leading it to the summit of freedom and knowledge.

 The first Jyotirlinga was activated in the place where Shiva assumed the form of Chandrashekhar. This event harks back to the time when Daksh Prajapati cursed Chandradev (the moon god). That was when Sati (the previous wife of Shiva come to him for help to save her sisters from widowhood as all of them were married to Chandradev. Their father cursed him because he ignored his duty as a husband. Because Chandradev realized the way of his errors and showed remorse, Shiva gave him another chance of life by placing him on the crown of his head. Still, the curse made him wane for the next fifteen nights. After that, on the day of the new moon, the curse will come into play. This phase of the moon is now called the waning moon phase. The very next day after the new moon night, for 15 days, Chandradev gets energy from Shiva’s dreadlocks. When he is at the peak of his energy, it is the full moon night. This phase is known as the waxing moon phase. Thus, his life cycle is completed. The energy of this spot where Shiva assumed Chandrashekhar form is vibrating with the power of devotion Chandradev felt for Shiva. That is why the first Jyotirling activated in the world is called Somnath (Lord of the moon).

 The second Jyotirling was activated in a place where Kartikeya opposed his mother Parvati in the form of Mahakali, under the influence of dark forces. The pure emotion of motherhood defines this spot, that is why this Yyotirling is called Mallikarjun (Shiva and Parvati together as “Arjuna” and “Mallika – a kind of Jasmin. Mallikarjuna is one of the names of Lord Shiva).

 The third Jyotirlinga has been worshipped for millions of years by Shiva’s devotee Vedpathi. On the day this Jyotirling was activated, his devotion was tested. Demon mother Diti invoked Dushan (a demon of darkness). He polluted the village and its people with his negativity, everybody but Vedpathi. He was prepared to sacrifice his life to protect the Shivalinga established in the village, for who worships Shiva has no fear of death. Shiva saved his life and destroyed Dushan in the form of Mahakal. This is the spot where Mahakal destroyed Dushan’a negative energy and saved the world from darkness. From there on, till eternity this Jyotirling is known by the name of Mahakaleshwar. The Jyotirlinga Mahakaleshwar of Ujjain is so powerful that any person who arrives here with a feeling of supplication and pays his respects will be cleansed of all his flaws by Shiva. In fact, the person who is physically, mentally and spiritually dedicated to God, he is rid of all his flaws by God and protected by him.

The fourth Jyotirlinga has been activated in a place where a Shiva devotee risks her child’s life to finish her daily routine of chanting »hail Lord Shiva« a thousand times. She knew that her son was in danger but her devotion was greater than her motherhood. When she finished, she found her son on the floor, covered in sand from the desert storm. She refused to mourn his loss, for she was convinced that that too was a will of God. Pleased with her devotion, Shiva appeared, resurrected the child and activated the Jyotirling by the name of Grushmeshwar. And devotee who comes here with sincere faith, Shiva personally ensures protection for him and his loved ones.

The fifth Jyotirlinga was activated in the place where the king of the mountains Vindhya refused to give permission for the establishment of Yyotirling. The reason was that he was the presiding deity there and that this place is under his control. Shiva changed the current of the river who was flowing from the mountains and showed that the supreme power under which all is created and ended is his. He also created new river streams through the woods in the form of a sign OM. He explained that Om is the source of all sound, the vibration that created the entire universe. This is the reason why every creation in the world is vibrating with this sound. Understanding what Om implies is impossible. All you can do is experience it by pronouncing it. Before you chant Om, you have to know it’s the glory. You must comprehend the emotion it conveys. Om was created with 3 and a half syllables. A. U. Um. A sound emerges from the core. The U sound comes from the chest. UM is created from the throat. The last semi syllable comes after A, U, UM is pronounced via the peace which is a combination of all these syllables. It has no sound. It’s nothingness. When these three syllables combine, the sound of Om is created. That is when the seven chakras of the body are vibrated by it. King of the Mountains asked for forgiveness and for the Jyotirling to be established. At this spot, Shiva taught the world about Om. That is why this Jyotirling, founded along the banks of the Narmada, is known as Omkareshwar.  

To be continued.

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