Sloth on the Cross

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Bio: Brett Evans lives, writes, and drinks in his native North Wales. Brett is co-editor at the poetry and prose journal Prole. His two pamphlets, The Devil’s Tattoo (2015) and Sloth and the Art of Self-deprecation (2018), are published by Indigo Dreams. Gin, jazz, and a Jack Russell are his perfect cocktail for life.

Sloth on the Cross

Sloth is dredged from torpidity
by a strange breed intent on banging on
about a man dying for sins. Sloth asks 
if we all aren’t, and in his wooziness 
swears he hears himself a sin; 
rich, he thinks, from unsolicited 

Welcome to his sins; Sloth hopes 
that they won’t wash his sleep away 
yet does his best to remain alert, endure
their noon-time story. Sloth’s lazy thinking, 
between belly and ball scratches, 
concludes they do disservice 
to the back-stabber who did himself in.
Sloth reasons the back-stabber, money-grabber, 
grafted for Big Chief Slumber-Wrecker
unawares; part of His, decidedly wacky, plan. 
No, a dastardly cad, and Sloth’s too tired to argue that.

Sloth’s asked about the ending of the world
and remembers a time when he thought it had;
hours before this unholy interruption. And now wishes
it would again. They drone on and Sloth daydreams 
he’s permanently fixed to a timber rest 
before being elevated skyward –  seems idyllic, 
but not for shy and simple Sloth;
all that adoration
and misinterpretation.

 from Sloth and the Art of Self-deprecation (Indigo Dreams, 2018)

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