The Life in Between

What is it like to be a healer in this world that desperately needs healing but refuses the very thought of it? Let me tell you a story.

There was a time when the universe was at war. The dark forces (the Devil) were at war with the forces of light (God). There appeared to be no end to this battle until one of God’s angels came forward with a suggestion. She volunteered to slip into a dark dress for a while, to find out what is the reason behind this great anger of the Devil. All light being were opposed to such a suggestion and so was God. She was advised to wait like the rest of them and believe in the power of light. But, she wasn’t an ordinary angel; she was a member of light yes, but also a fighter. She refused to just wait, so she covered her light body with clothes of darkness and went on with her mission. There she found out that the only reason for the fury and anger is that the universe does not acknowledge the dark forces and thus the war. She came back bearing the news, but she was no longer accepted back to heaven, neither she belonged to darkness since she stripped away the red skin like a couple of clothes. She was now the unwanted; she didn’t belong to either of the worlds. The war ended, and she became the protector of all living beings, the Goddess of nature and animals. Now she is known as Tari Pertiwi—the one who conquered the darkness by defying the light.

You may think that it is just a story, a myth, but in reality, it is a life of healers, witches, and lightworkers all over the world. We are the outcasts, the ones who live in between. Some fear us and associate us with darkness, but we are made of pure light and incapable of doing harm to anyone. On the other hand, we don’t fit into your idea of light, since we don’t bow to any religion and don’t recognize any authority other than the invisible energy that connects as all. People like restricting others to boxes, but with us it just can’t be done. That is the biggest fear—not knowing, not understanding who or what we are. It is simple really—we are the ones who took responsibility to heal this planet. We dance and cast spells by the full moon; we are capable of transmuting energy and healing the physical and etheric body. We refuse to be a part of your social paradigm because it is the path of destruction. We live in harmony with animals, not on our plates, but in their natural habitats. We harvest wild plants and use them as our ancestors did. And finally—we are loners. That doesn’t mean we are lonely since we have the spirits of our soul family and guides with us at all times. We respect your desire to stay asleep, because ignorance is sometimes blissfulness. But, it is not until you truly awaken that you will experience the true meaning of bliss. The era of destruction, capitalism, and manipulation of generations is coming to an end. We have the toughest task of all—guiding you to the real light, not the one you were thought to obey. You have so much potential within you, dear ones. But in order to live them, you must awaken first. I promise you, the reality you will encounter will be greater than any of your dreams. Are you ready?

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