What is the Unconditional Love?

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We should never outlive our children, yet the ones who have pets, almost always do. In our human vanity, we might think that we are the saverof animals, but the truth is that we are the saved ones. We as humans know so little about unconditional love, that God had to send animals to teach us. From wolfs, he created dogs to be our best friends, from tigers catsto be our healers. That is not to saythat other kind of animals can’t be our companions, as all animals have the spiritual upper hand on humans.

I know this might be a hard blow to your ego, but most of the time it is our highly developed brain that is in the way of our spiritual progress. Animals don’t think as much as they feel, this is how they easily connect with one another and with spirit. They often communicate telepathically; the one thing we humans are still learning to do. They work in groups to protect each other, while we work hard to hurt each other. Animals don’t make differences between their own child or a child from other species. Humans create separation even between our own kind. We teach our children how to hate and fear other coloured children; we teach them who is better and who is not. We draw lines on a map and take the freedom to take lives if they don’t live inside the right ones. 

My fellow humans, the truth is we are savages disguised as intellectuals. We have used our brain to create cages for ourselves to live in. We have denied our origin and became zombies of the concrete jungle that is eating us alive. We are killing animals not from necessity but out of sports. We are then eating this cruelty, covered in spices. If it’s true that everything is energy, then can you imagine what are you really eating? Can you imagine the fear, the hurt, the despair that is accumulatedin the meat we digest? I like the sense of humour the universe has, because while we are inflicting this pain, we are also putting it back into our bodies simply by eating the meat.

Please know, that I am not here to judge you or convince you to stop eating meat. I don’t have the right to do it, nobody has. But what I would like you to do is to ask yourself, do you want to consume pain? Do you want to fill your body with fear? Of course, nobody does. What if I told you that our bodies were never meant to digest meat? Over a hundred studies had shown that the colon of meat-eating animals is longer and that their teeth are of a sharp form at the end. Meanwhile, the colon of a plant-eating animal are shorter and their teeth are straight at the end. Now, in what group do you think we humans fit? You guessed right—in the second group. We started to eatmeat out of curiosity, not out of necessity. We are continuing to eat meat because of our lack of knowledge and because it is good business. The dairy and meat industry makes the same millions that the pharmacy does to keep us sick and wanting more.


I stopped eating meat because I decided to not eat emotions since I have enough of my own to digest. Once I realised what I have been eating all my life, meat started to taste different to me, it had an unpleasant smell to it. The simple explanation is that I started to notice the energy of it with my senses. So no, I am no saint and I am the last person to judge you since I was a big meat-eater all my life. But I do believe that it is never too late to change your life. It is never too late to see the world as it is and not as we were taught to see it.

I was very blessed to have a role model of unconditional love to learn from. For you, it would have been just a dog, but for me, she was my best friend, a confidant and a saver. She saved my life, my reason and my heart more times I could count, asking nothing in return. In our 16 year’s journey, she saw me as raw and vulnerable as a child and as strong and protective as a mother. Our rolemany times intertwined, but I always considered her as my guardian angel. We have done this in many lifetimes before, in many forms and roles. The one thing that always remained the same was Love. Although she left her body, she remains in spirit beside me. I honour her soul more than I can say and this article is a tiny tribute to her—the one that saved my life many times, in many forms, in many lifetimes. 

You might wonder what is spiritual about this article and I ask you: What is more spiritual than unconditional love?

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