The Mysterious Earth Conference 2019

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The Mysterious Earth Conference is organised by Megalithic Tours and held annually, usually close to Preston, Lancashire. The conference founder is Neil McDonald who had got together a great set of speakers to talk about subjects which ranged from the origins of symbols to long skulled people of Stonehenge. There were discussions on leylines, standing stones and megalithic portals to the magical lands of Scotland.

This conference is a place to come and discuss subjects that the academics do not want to think about and people come from all over country to attend. They want to listen and discuss the topics, the mysteries of our ancestors and our lands, megaliths, UFO’s and ancient peoples.

I was privileged to speak at the conference, my topic was a biography of John Michell, the man who brought earth mysteries back into the public domain. John Michell wrote in his books about how the ancestors were not the savages that academics make them out to be but were clever and skilled folk as can be seen by the landscape they have left behind full of standing stone circles and henges. John believed that the ancestors had a better understanding of how to live with the land, whereas modern man just lives on it.

Our ancient ancestors-who were they? Why did they build henges into the landscape, why did they erect standing stones? And that leads to more questions such as how did they do it? Nothing is random, there has to be a reason as to why these standing stones were erected. Tea Breaks and meal times had people still conversing about these subjects. Like minded folks come together to ponder the mysteries of the past, and try to make sense of them in the present so that we can guide the people of the future!

The first to speak was the writer and artist, Neil Hague. Many will know his art from the books by David Icke. Neil’s art is metaphysical in nature, full of animal folklore and esoteric symbolism. His latest book ‘Through Ancient Eyes’ is about art and the creative process through mankind’s history and comes from a Gnostic perspective, which he discussed in his talks at the conference.

Maria Wheatley gave a fascinating talk on the murders of the long skulled high priestess and her people in the Stonehenge area. She also explained the significance of sounds with standing stones and how certain frequencies can affect the body and brain. As she said, stones are multifaceted and not just star observatories. Maria’s latest book is ‘Druidic Soul Star Astrology’.

Andy Burnham is the founder of the Megalithic portal website and with his colleague, Christine Clark, the two of them explained how this worked. The Megalithic Portal is a website dedicated to ancient sites across Britain and the world, Andy recently released a new book ‘The Old Stones’ which is the winner of the Archaeology book of the year! The website membership offers an app that displays monuments and sites in the vicinity and is a must for all megalith lovers. More about the megalithic Portal can be found here.

The last talk was by Lindsey Campbell who told us Tales of her strange experiences of ghosts, the supernatural and goddesses in the highlands of Dull.

Neil McDonald showed a film of sites that he had visited last year on his tours whilst he explained what was significant about them. Neil doesn’t just organise the conference, he also runs tours to mysterious places here in the UK and abroad and having been on quite a few of them myself, I highly recommend them! Details about Megalithic Tours can be found at Neil’s website.


Photo: Debbie Elliott

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