The 50 States of America

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Leanne Bridgewater was a poet and animal rights activist, championing the badgers. She could be found on sett watch or facepainting, bringing vegan cookies or wandering the lands and woods. Her poems are energetic and playful, direct and friendly. She had a unique voice and used it to save animals and entertain us all.

This poem was first published in Boscombe Revolution. Great thanks to Paul Hawkins, editor and poet, for allowing it to be reproduced here as a tribute to Leanne.  Her unfinished manuscript Dharma Dialog rests with her publisher, Hesterglock Press and The Sunday Tribune hopes that it may be published posthumously.


Photo by Reuben Woolley


The 50 States of America



Parents go A la bama in bedroom, features Alaska fire because
it’s not on. Window out: an airy zone, an ark, and SAS team
hide out in their loft. 130 cal, if/ or NIA (National Indoor
Arena) may sell a healthier option, extract E.Color ado, much
ado about what? Nothing. Connect. I cut off (do not want to
connect). De la, under-table, ware of hard: drive: under
under-pants. Floor it I a “da” in Irish latter, go by name of
Georgie too, only by your mother. How dai I? dare me? I da
Ho-hi lo-fi, ear ace, but all of a sudden: vert I go ill, I noise blur
In ear. India is na for acupuncture. I owe a lot for
pharmaceuticall you up some time, get kans, get drunk, as
you vegetate my Kentucky. If not for the company (of Louis
sigh Ana) we’d be doing it.


The maine mary of God, mother is cheese is the land where a
mass of chew-sets (aka cows) mitch-pitch, play ball and jar
o’gan shiddier than Minne mouse hair, a soda drinking missus
sipping it on a montana edge. A lantern ebb Fred’s bra is ska:
“Nev’ taking it ada”. New to me, put it in a hamper, bury it in
the Shire. New to me, put it in the charity shop, sell it as a
Jersey. New to me, put me in a sitcom, sex I Y; an ork, a new
body please? The Y (downstairs chromosome) of Carol drew
on its eye-liner, green for grass.


In north, da coat, a bit of an itchy thing…”oh I don’t know’, ok
laugh till you come home, a goner or…” Penny’s for syvilian?
An “is” land rode bicycle south to Carol’s eyeliner. Taking this
coat down south-a good plan. Lend me a tenner, see, and I’ll
see to that virgin NIA show for ya. “Tah, u”. As we play Texas
hold-em-up ver in the mount. Yes upstairs… then so da
Washington ma in bath-tube, it was wise (she smelt  as if host
of the flies), but it con, a sin. Mary sweet mother of Vir-gin-I…
yeah, make it a double, on the rocks. Walk west of rocks.
Wy? Fi, yes get me-I’m at my ‘ome coming. Dance


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