The European School of Theosophy conference October 2019

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Theosophy means ‘Divine Wisdom’, the word itself has been around since antiquity. Theosophy is a vast field covering religion, faith, philosophy, science, mythologies, the teachings of the Masters and more. It is an open platform for study and encourages new thought and analysis on its subjects, its motto being  ‘There is no religion higher than Truth’. The Theosophical objects are; 1 to form a nucleus of the universal brotherhood of humanity without distinction of race, creed, sex, caste, or colour. 2 To encourage the comparative study of religion, philosophy, and science. 3. To investigate the unexplained laws of nature and the powers latent in humanity.

The main founder for the Theosophical Society was Helena Petrovna Blavatsky, also known as HPB. Every year the European School of Theosophy holds a conference and TST spoke to the organiser Erica Georgiades  about what to expect from this year’s upcoming school conference.

TST: You are holding the European School of Theosophy, could you tell us when and where that is to be held, please.

EG: The European School of Theosophy will be from October 13 to 18, in Eretria, Evia Island Greece.

TST: What is the theme of this year’s conference and have you a line-up of speakers yet?

EG: This year, the European School of Theosophy is organising one of its most prominent conferences themed “Reincarnation: Science and The Ancient Wisdom Tradition,” where a number of highly qualified speakers from different backgrounds and interests, will be exploring reincarnation in the light of ancient wisdom tradition.

The five-day study week will consist of various sessions taken by our esteemed speakers, including our guest speaker, Dr Jim B. Tucker, a Child Psychiatrist and Bonner-Lowry Professor of Psychiatry and Neurobehavioral Sciences at the University of Virginia School of Medicine, whose main research focus on children who claim to remember previous lives, and natal and prenatal memories. Dr Julie Chajes whose main research explores HPB’s theory of reincarnation in the Secret Doctrine and Isis Unveiled, Dr Tim Rudbøg also an expert on HPB; Dr William B. Quinn who was a protégé of Prof. Mircea Eliade and many others.  Together we will explore questions such as “What is Reincarnation?” What are the proofs of Reincarnation? If we have lived before, how is it that we do not remember our former lives? Is reincarnation possible from a scientific rationalist point of view?

TST: Could you introduce us to the European School of Theosophy?

EG: The main focus of the School is the research and the study of the early literature giving rise to the contemporary Theosophical Movement such as HPB’s writings, The Mahatma Letters and more, as well as current developments within the field of humanities and science, esotericism, ancient and modern religions, and Eastern and Western philosophies are regularly blended into the programme. Since its inauguration in 1982 in England, the EuST has met in Austria, Germany, Holland, Spain, Greece, Italy, Hungary, Belgium, Holland, Israel, Scotland and Wales and other countries in Europe. The EuST is autonomous and is not part of any organisation, Theosophical or otherwise. I have been directing the EuST since 2017 with the assistance and support of Ingrid Eberhard-Evans and Iphigeneia Kastamoniti. A more recent development is that the International Theosophical History Conference (ITHCon) is now being organised under the auspices of the European School of Theosophy. The ITHCon is an academic conference and we may discuss it another time.

TST: Is it just aimed at Theosophy Students?

EG: The European School of Theosophy is aimed at persons interested in Theosophy.

TST: Is this a good place to start for somebody who is new to Theosophy?

EG: The study sessions of the European School of Theosophy are quite advanced. Someone new to esotericism could find challenging to follow some of its lectures. Although, lately, we have included some study sessions of more an introductory level.  I am currently designing an online introductory course to Theosophy that will be soon available on our website.

To find out more about the European School of Theosophy and details as to where to register please go to this website.


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