The Divine Feminine

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The divine feminine. The goddess. The fractal manifestation of mother Gaia. The all feeling creature that can transform mountains and men. A woman. She has been worshipped and tortured through centuries. Her knowledge of the universe scared many, but then again inspired many as well. She was known as a witch before a saint and treated as a slave before a queen. Today she is known as merely an opposite sex, but she once was so much more.

In the times of Lemuria and Atlantis, the rain did not fall if a woman collective didn’t ask for it in a sacred ritual. If healing was needed, men would ask women to help. Every month they would gather in a tent and spent the menstrual cycle together. They were the strongest then, bleeding and shedding the old, inviting the new. Their beauty was merely a beautiful sight, for their intuition and intelligence were divine. There was no competition among women, only collaboration and union of minds. Once the mighty cities drowned in the disappointment of the Spirit, so did the respect for women. There had to be someone to blame and so it began the end of sacred femininity. 

Today women are often regarded as sex objects or non-desired. There is no personality lust anymore, only lust of the body. We are taught that our hands are only to display flashy artificial nails, nothing productive can be made with them. Our eyes that are windows to the soul are now blurry and absent of any life beyond the material. Our bodies are not works of art anymore but rather the vessel for the man to empty themselves in. Never the less there is still a divine feminine inside of you. It can never die, for it is your legacy. You are the granddaughters of the witches they couldn’t burn. You are every one of your ancestor women who fought for your freedom. It is not too late to take charge of your mind and body. Don’t let the world tell you what is beautiful. Sit in front of the mirror, caress your curves and edges. See the amazingly beautiful creature that you are. You are a magical being, you can give life in the same way that you can take it away. Don’t allow any men tell you that you are weak. You are a healer, a magician and a channel for the universe. Turn around and you will see all the women of your lineage standing behind you, supporting you, applauding you, waiting for you to take back your power. But, be careful, for the way to do it is not by degrading men or trying to become one. The secret of your power is in your emotions. Yes, you heard me right. I know that for centuries you have been listening to exactly the opposite. It was a lie. It was the only way to take your power away and make you docile. Some of you got angry and started living as an extreme feminist, but this is not the way. This hatred and competition are not what thousands of women before you fought for. The equality is not found in excluding, rather in including. You cannot win this war by playing the same way they did, my sister. It is time to rise above it and show what a real feminine looks, sounds and acts like.

There is tenderness in everything she does, even when fighting. She fights with the consistency like a river that doesn’t use force, but the rock in it is still transformed by her constant presence and touch. She welcomes all life experiences with grace, knowing that she has the power to use every one of them as a lesson. She is a lioness when protecting her family and a soft kitten in the arms of the man she loves. She raises her daughters in the way of the goddesses and her sons in the way of the gods. She loves with the intensity that could break mountains and walks upon the earth tenderly because she knows that she is walking on the greatest of all divine feminines – Gaia. She embodies all – passion, gentleness, intellect, art, motherhood. She is the living embodiment of Divine love. She is You.  




Artwork by William Blake

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