Centuries of the Masculine suppression

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Masculines had been suppressed for centuries. I know you didn’t expect that. We hear about the feminist movements all the time, but not masculines. Why is that? Well, it’s simple really – because we don’t know that we need to liberate our masculines. They have been presented as savages and they started to play by this rule too. Don’t get me wrong, there are masculines that are destructive. I am a survivor of domestic abuse, so I could go on and on about how feminines are suppressed and abused, but I am not here today to do that. In order to heal, we need to look at the subject from the wider angle. For that, we will move to the beginning, where it all started.

Thousands of years ago there rose the most advanced human civilization; Atlantis. Men and females were equal, yet different. They each had their own attributes that they incorporated, but both were respected equally. Feminines created life, Masculines sustained it. There was no force necessary because spiritual knowledge on both sides was very advanced. Later on, the darkness intervened and thus begin the struggle for power and domination. They had everything, but because they gave in to dark forces of ego, all was taken away from them in just one stroke of the universe, called the big flood.

The city drowned in the ocean of water, never to be seen again. Still, like the ruins of the once majestic city, there remained also the struggle of the ego, the struggle of sexes. Throughout history, there was a certain expectation of the masculines like being a ruthless soldier, being strong and never to show weakness. Generations of masculines were taught to be like that or fail and of course, failing wasn’t an option.

Artists were known as outcasts, never respected for their contribution to the world. Not until their death anyway. Sadly, this is still the case of our modern society. We have let our masculines soften just enough to make them docile to the society, but not in any way let them show who they really are deep down. Now, you might say, that you raised your son differently and I praise you for it, but there is something called ancestral memory that cannot be erased just by simply using different words. There has to be deep ancestral healing done to truly eliminate all baggage that our masculines have been carrying for centuries. They don’t know about it, they simply think that this is the way it should be. And when the day comes when they break beneath all the suppression of their grandfathers, they simply push it aside and teach their sons to do the same.

Dear Divine masculine, for a moment, forget everything that you know as your life and your ancestor’s lives and listen. You are more than this body and this mind. You are a God in a human form. I know that deep down you are searching for a Goddess to complete you and she is waiting for you, but you can’t be with her as a servant of ego and society. She is waiting for you to step into your Godlike power, that you already possess. You just forgot. Now, you have a choice. You can live a life in a sacred union with your Divine feminine or spend a lifetime in fear of yourself and chasing after an illusion. If you choose Divine love, some will criticise you, others will admire you for your courage, because at the end of the day, there is no greater courage than to choose Love.

Be protective, yet gentle. Strong, yet graceful. Driven, yet present. Honorable, yet empowered. Decisive, yet open-minded. Ambitious, yet humble. Assertive, yet understanding. Focused, yet aware. Be her teacher, yet a student. A warrior, yet a sage. Be her protector, lover, brother, best friend, and partner in crime. Love her and let her love you. You deserve the greatest love that ever existed. Believe it and allow her to prove it to you. Because in her arms you will not know the need to be perfect or the fear of weakness. She will hold a space for you to be completely and unapologetically You. And you will do the same for her. You will experience a kind of love only Gods knew, but then again, you are one.

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