“In The Age Of Aquarius”

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Upon the earth a figure pours a pitcher of water. The purifying liquid renews the old and withered land, fertilizing creative seeds that will transform the planet and all those who dwell there. This a vision of the age of Aquarius. Though it is debated whether we are transitioning into or already within its span, you’ve no doubt noticed the sign’s energies in action. With the rapid advancements in technology, the constant shattering of traditions and the questioning of long-held beliefs, the Aquarius influence is an observable phenomenon if you but look around yourself – or more likely, to the TV.

We are living in a science-fiction dreamscape that just a century ago would’ve been inconceivable to most. But as this is a plane of duality, there are misfortunes to compliment our achievements. The phone has taken precedence in conversations between people – who are sitting side by side. It has become easier to reach for the bottle, the pipe or the latest pill then to endeavour to solve wholeheartedly our personal pains and traumas. It seems we are drowning in the waters that were supposed to renew us. To fix this, we must try to understand our new predicament.

The water-bearer represents the emergence of the subconscious among other things. As the hidden flows forth into awareness and at such a rapid pace, it is no wonder we find ourselves filling our prescriptions or buying the most luxurious items. We seek to attain material and psychological distractions, anything to numb this overload of consciousness happening both within and around us. Instead, we must strive to become resilient and worthy vessels capable of accommodating the divine influx.

Look inwards to the essence of your thoughts. A daily meditation is among the most beneficial of practices; to calm the swift and violent waves crashing against the shores of the mind. It is when these unruly waters are permitted to come upon the shore that stress and anxiety arise. We must tame the overflow of thought and information if we are to function efficiently. When there is a compulsion to escape from reality – sit down and breath. Locate the first-cause and discover the nature of the need or the turbulent emotion. From this you will gain a better understanding of your thoughts and behaviours, and have a stronger grasp on yourself.

The mind is an inner vehicle, just as the body is the outer. It is necessary to learn how best to operate both. We are the monad, the center of consciousness that observes all things. When we learn how to competently pilot the mind through apprehending its processes, repairing its defects and fuelling it productively – the body can be manoeuvred with ease. Apply the same integrities to the bodily vehicle, and reality will be as a lucid dream in which you have a high degree of command over.

We are fortunate to witness this shifting of universal energies in our time, but we must do more than observe. The age of Aquarius is a period of renewal and transformation that must be welcomed properly. As the water falls from the pitcher to nourish and revitalize the earth, it is our task to be agreeable receptacles.





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