What happened to Secret Brotherhood of the Rosicrucian Order?

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“We firmly believe that through deep meditation on the inventions of life, through the cooperation of the angels and the spirits, and through experience and long observation, our loving father C.R.C (Christian Rosenkreutz) was so fully illumined with God’s wisdom that were all the books and writings lost and the foundations of science overturned, the Fraternity of Rosicrucians could re-establish the structure of world thought upon the foundation of divine truth and integrity.” Confessio Fraternitatis R.C.

In 1614 pamphlets began to circulate in Germany which revealed that there was a secret brotherhood about to reveal itself. The pamphlet was titled ‘Fama Fraternitatis Roseae Crucis’ translated as ‘The Rumour of the Brotherhood of the Rosicross.’

This pamphlet was so popular that it was translated into other languages and spread across Europe. Everybody wanted to know who this group, the Rosicrucian’s were, what they were going to do and where one could sign up.

There is much mystery about this order; its founder, its beginnings, who they were, where they were based. Nobody seemed to know.

The secret order had been started in the fifteenth century by a mysterious man called Christian Rosencreutz. Some say he had travelled in the Holy Lands, others say that he travelled to the Far East. Wherever he had gone, he met adepts in spiritual matters, who taught him occult secrets. He returned to Europe where he wanted to pass on the knowledge and wisdom he had learnt but he was ridiculed for his mysterious ways, so he set up a secret school to teach those who wanted to learn.

The symbol for this brotherhood was a rose with a halo, the rose was on a cross which stood upon a three stepped base, it is often called the crucified rose.

The Rosicrucian Order released another pamphlet this time called ‘Confesso’, which explained who they were and what their aim was. It stated that they were going public, though none of the members ever revealed their identity, because it was time for the brothers to bring about a great change, a spiritual and scientific revolution. They wanted to change the culture which they believed was deviating from Gods plan, no longer living in a harmonious lifestyle with God and each other. They came to bring a philosophical and political change which would be better for all.

Many people eagerly awaited this revolution and reform, many wanted to sign up and join the cause but nobody knew where to enrol, or where this brotherhood resided.

The Brotherhood said the reason that they were going to do this was because they had found their founders, Christian Rosencreutz tomb and because of this it was time to reveal their agenda. But nothing was revealed. After some time, no Rosicrucian came forth and it soon became apparent that this secret group full of promises was staying secret.

Rumours began to circulate that the pamphlets were a hoax, though no joker ever came forward and there was no reason as to why somebody would publish, at some cost, these pamphlets.

These pamphlets reminded its readers to remember God, so it starts off with a religious and spiritual agenda. But it goes on to warn the people of their sins, it warned the elite and governments to stop following false ways and agendas, it recognised that or they would start a reformation and God has chosen the Rosicrucian Brotherhood to start this reform.

The Catholic Church Authorities sought the Rosicrucian’s out, not to join them but to shut them down, they were regarded as rebellious, heretical, seditious to the Catholic Doctrine.

Questions were asked, who was this Christian Rosencreutz? Nobody knew. Where was he buried? Nobody knew. Who were the brothers of this order? Nobody knew. Some began to wonder if C.R.C was a real person, then doubt began as to whether this order existed at all as there seemed to be no trace of them except the pamphlets.

There were rumours that they met for an AGM once a year at the ‘House of the Holy Spirit, where this was, nobody knew. They were known as Adepts who had come to change the world, did the mission fail? Maybe as there was not a spiritual or cultural revolution in that time. So, they went back underground, taking on new brothers, but only those who had the ears to hear.

And this leads to the rumour that the Masons were started by the Rosicrucian’s. Thought the Rosicrucian’s went underground they still wanted to pass their message onto the common folk, and what better way to do that than by starting another order that people will want to join? There is a degree in the Scottish rite that is called the Rosy Cross degree. Perhaps the masons were set up as a distraction from the Rosicrucian’s, or are they a breakaway group from the brotherhood?

Why was the Rose Cross its symbol? A cross is usually associated with Jesus and the crucifixion. Is Jesus Christ being depicted as a rose, the flower of life? The rose is read the same colour as blood, the blood shed by Jesus. Perhaps it is a link to the crown of thorns put on his head in mockery as he was tortured, sentenced and executed. Symbolically, this crown of thorns blossomed into a crown of roses representing Jesus the man becoming Jesus the Christ.

The phoenix was another symbol of the Rosicrucian’s, sometimes it is depicted as a two headed eagle and both these birds represented man’s triumph in transformation. -like alchemy turns lead to gold, the Rosicrucian teaching based itself on the Jesus the man transforming to become Christ scenario, man could work on himself and become an Adept, a superman through exercise and study of the mind, body and heart. The Rosicrucian’s were promoting a spiritual awakening and development.

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