The Spiritual Marriage of Twin Flames

According to Greek mythology humans were originally created with four arms, four legs and a head with two faces. Fearing their power, Zeus split them into two separate parts, condemning them to spend their lives in search of their other half. This is a myth but it has a lot of truth in it.

For the absolute truth says that every soul at its birth was split into two parts – the divine feminine and the divine masculine. Now, these parts don’t have anything to do with sex, but they represent the synergy of two opposites (yin/yang, black/white, men/female). In the astral plane twin flames know of any separation, the separation not happens until one or both of them reincarnate in the human form. This separation is only physical, since energetically twin flames are never apart from each other. Nevertheless, this physical separation leaves a strong imprint on the astral body, which is located app. 50 cm from our skin. We carry this imprint with us from our physical birth till death and it’s the source of our deepest insecurities and fear of loss. While some twin flames decide to both reincarnate, the majority decides only one of them will reincarnate, while the other half stays behind to be of spiritual support and assistance. In the first case, they agree on a sign that will serve as some kind of a trigger for them to recognize each other. This could be a smell, a word, an object or even a sound.

In the last 50 years there has been exactly 144,000 twin flames reincarnated on earth. Their mission here is to awaken each other and through their love story teach humanity the meaning of unconditional love. This is the Christ’s consciousness, the story of his resurrection as predicted in many sacred books. This resurrection is not meant to take place in a single person, rather in the form of 144,000 warriors of light and love that will raise the frequency of planet Earth. For this to happen, all of them must be awakened and healed. There are three waves of twin flames that came to earth in different years. The first wavers had been on this twin flame journey for decades, second wavers for years. The third wavers have been in contact with their twin for a short period of time, therefore they are just beginning to awake. As we were last informed from the spirit and our guides, approximately 80% of twins are awake and are going through the healing stage.

The divine feminine awakes first, because of her natural ability to connect with the divine and because of her in-born intuition. The divine masculine energy is more grounded, more logical and has more trouble excepting the secrets of the universe. The divine feminine has to first awaken herself, then she can help her divine masculine. She (I am using this word, although it can be a man that carries more of the feminine energy in himself), will be put in a role of a “chaser” and he in the role of the “runner”. These roles can intertwine from time to time, it depends on the energy that rules in that period. This dynamic can last from several months to several decades. In those periods there will be a lot of crushing moments in the lives of both twins. The lesson that they both need to learn is how to love oneself unconditionally, so that they can begin to love one another in the same way. This is not a love story where two incomplete people save each other, this is a cosmic love story about two complete divine counterparts reuniting as one.

I am a twin flame, a divine feminine so I can tell you that this journey is not one of a ‘happy ever after’. It is a long and painful journey of rediscovering oneself through another. For us to grow there has to be the death of the ego, the breaking point. This can only be achieved by another separation which sometimes is even more painful than the first one. We hurt each other in the process, it must be done, so we can learn the power of forgiveness and unconditional love.

Twin flames loved each other for lifetimes before, this is why they feel one another on a different level. Their souls are made of a single flame of light, they cannot be separated energetically. They can communicate telepathically, feel the other one’s pain or joy. The bitter truth is that all twins were meant to unite in this lifetime, but not all will. The matrix template is still strong and is not giving the fight up that easily. Our information from above tells us that we are in a crucial moment when for the first time in 48,000 years the dark is losing its grip over light. Our unconditional love is awakening humanity and there are no words to describe how proud we are of that. The common marriage template is being exposed for what it is, the same is happening with religion and governments all over the world. We are stepping into a new era, where we will have only divine marriages, spirituality will replace religion and we will govern our lives. The veil of illusion is thinning, and we can already see the new world rising from a deep sleep. We, divine feminines are holding hands to raise the vibration of our divine masculines. They are seeing our light. It is a lighthouse that is guiding them home.

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