The Face at the Window

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Jude Cowan Montague is the poetry editor of The Sunday Tribune. She is an artist and broadcaster and produces and hosts ‘The News Agents’ Saturdays 2.30pm on Resonance FM.


The Face at the Window

 by Jude Cowan Montague

He looks in while the band play, the biggest guy in the room.
It’s like he’s with us, his great huge platter of a breath, outside
smoking a fag, chuckling, listening to the band, giving his opinion,
telling about a new group he’s heard or a tour anecdote or maybe
just breathing and nodding, with a smile that reaches from one ear

to the other. He is still the king, forever. Still. Tonight we can feel him,
plodding and crackling, stuffing the jack into the side
of his yellow guitar, the type nobody wants but him,
because he really knows how to get the best out of nothing, although
he also turns up late and at least one string is going to break.

But I won’t do down his talents. No, because who else has his eye for
the broken, the lost, the forgotten? Who else drives like a jerking ghost
around roundabouts and right turns, seeking for beauty in council streets,
rescuing the once-loved, painted special joys that every now and then,
when grannies and dear ones die, get thrown out from the most

ordinary kitchens where cups of tea are the bones of daily existence
and we listen to each other stirring, chatting, nibbling and humming . . .


Editor’s Note: A poem for much loved and much missed guitarist and composer Simon King. Simon was known for his work with Resonance FM and was a close personal friend. His memorial event at the IKLECTIK, Waterloo in November 2018 was packed with love and people. He will be remembered for his music, his personality and for his work with innovative London based band, the Kenny Process Team. Selections from vast record collection, acquired from charity shops with a keen eye, will be played throughout 2019 on ‘The News Agents’ on Resonance FM.

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