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“An angel on my shoulder guides me to the right, a devil on my shoulder causes so much blight!” Do you believe in angels? How about devils and demons? Angels, what are they? Who are they? How come some people are able to communicate with them and others have no idea they are there.

The New Age revival is full of angel symbolism, there are many people, books and cards offering ways to contact angels, to find one’s personal angel guide, to receive angelic guidance and to connect with the angels and get them to work for oneself.

The word angel, ‘angeloi’, translates as messenger. God’s angels in the Bible came with messages from the Divine which were mostly warnings. Once they came with good news, to herald the coming of the Son of God. There is not much of a description of them in the Bible, they are usually described as being handsome and in the form of a man yet also awesome, so much so that people fell to the ground before them.

God made the heavenly host, of which angels are a part of. The heavenly host resides in the heavens and watches over the ways of mankind. It is said that they are here to protect and guide us, invisible friends to lend a helping hand. They are spiritual beings and so do not have the physical bodies that us humans have to wear.

Angels, like us humans, are sons of God, created before man, they do the Creator’s work. The Christian angelology gives a hierarchy of angels, arch-angels, cherubs, seraphim are to name just a few in this hierarchy.

Do angels have a gender? Some say they do not but then that does not explain the story in the first chapter of the Bible, the one about the angels coming down and mating with the human women. If that story is true, then angels are male. In this chapter of Genesis, this coming together of the two different species brought forth a new species, the Nephilim, an abomination in the Lord’s eyes and was the reason for Him sending the waters to the earth and cleansing it with a flood.

Then there is the story of the great battle in heaven, when some of the angels rebelled against the Lord God. The rebellion failed and the rebellious angels were cast out of the heavens; “And the angels who did not keep their positions of authority but abandoned their own home—these he has kept in darkness, bound with everlasting chains for judgement on the great Day” (Jude 1:6)

Zoroastrian is an old religion and follows the belief that the world is a battle ground between two armies, good versus evil. In the Zoroastrian religion the angels are called yazata, which means ‘worthy of worship and veneration’, these angels were created for the good side and were led by its leader, Ahura Mazda. They have divine powers and are here to battle the dark side of Ahriman, the devil in the Zoroastrian religion.

These yazata help mankind in purifying themselves from the dark side’s temptations and ways. It is a battle of good versus evil, which is akin to the Abrahamic faiths that also has a battle going on between good and evil, angels versus the devils. In the Abrahamic faith the good arch angel Michael has to battle with the dark side devil of Satan.

On Sept 21st 1823 a seventeen-year-old man called Joseph Smith encountered an angel whose name was Moroni, who declared himself to be an angel of light. This angel presented to Smith a set of gold plates and told him to translate them. On these plates were a new gospel about the Christ and the Second Coming as well as reveals the stories of when the Christ visited the Americas after his crucifixion in the Holy Lands.

Smith’s encounter with Moroni does sound like an alien abduction scenario, as do many of the angelic encounters that are written about in the past, there is the bright light, the strange sounds and so on. Many investigators are looking into these phenomena and asking themselves, are angels aliens? Or are aliens mistaken for angels. One can look back over the millennia and look at reports of supposed angel encounters and see how they relate to the UFO alien abduction encounters that have been reported in the last hundred years. They are very similar.

What about the fallen angels, the ones who were thrown out of the heavens for disobeying God and causing war in heaven? These fallen angels are what are said to now be the devils and demons that walk this earth. Their mission now, instead of watching over and guiding the humans is to do the opposite, distract humans from God, to make humans forget about god and the divine ways.

So, if angels are sent to protect us, are the fallen ones here to interfere with one’s connection to God? Is this part of His divine plan? To test us through temptation and distraction put to us by the fallen angels?

And this could be why we have on each shoulder a supernatural being; an angel on one side, a devil on the other, whispering into our ears, one trying to remind us of the Divine, the other trying to tempt us away. Which one are you listening too?


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