The Spirit is Madly in Love with You

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Imagine for a moment this scenario; You died. You are struggling to let go of your human form, it feels like it is stitched to your very soul. Somehow you manage to strip off your human skin, now you are completely bare. Strangely, you don’t feel cold, you feel the warmth that is coming from the tunnel you are in. You are moving slowly along toward your destination, although you don’t know what it is. At the end of the tunnel awaits a form that resembles a human being, but it looks like it is made of pure light. It welcomes you and offers you a hug. You are so taken by this image and by the unconditional love that you simply give in.

When you get a hold of yourself, you ask to see God. Your host smiles and says: “Already ha? Ok, let’s go then.” You are walking through many landscapes, they seem like small cities, but all very bright and modern looking. Your host leaves you in front of a big, white door. You open it and step in. You are standing now in a big round room, in the end, there is a long white table and four human figures sitting behind it. At least they seem human. The one in the middle welcomes you and says: “You wanted to see us, dear one?” “Are you God and is this heaven? I have lived a very honest life, so I am sure that I will go to heaven.” The man smiles widely and says: “Well, heaven ha? What if I told you that the God you are expecting is You and that you just came from Heaven?” You are beyond words. You can’t move a muscle and you don’t even dare to. In your mind, you begin to question everything and everybody.

Now I want you to move your attention back to me, to this article. Dear one, I am here to tell you that yes, you are God, you are limitless, you are powerful. And so am I, and so is your child, your mother, your father and your neighbour that you don’t get along with. All limitations live inside of your head, outside there are none. You have lived hundreds of lives before this one and you possess the knowledge of them all. My mission here is not to teach you anything, my mission is to help you to remember who and how powerful you really are.

For that, I need you to start believing it. And for that, I need you to stop believing everything that you were ever thought. When I say everything, I really mean everything. If you are reading this article, it means that you already are beginning to doubt religion, society, government and other pillars of your life. I am not asking you to stop believing in God, because God exists but it is quite different from the one you were hearing about until now. I am not here to talk to you about God either, you will get to know God through yourself. I want us to talk about you for a moment because you are the one that can change everything.

When your consciousness is awake, you are so magical, dear one. You are the fountain of knowledge, the carrier of light, you are the warrior of love. How do I know this? Because you are still reading this article. You feel the storm on the bottom of your soul, it is still silent, yes, but it is waking up and it will take over the world. You may ask yourself now; “But I am simply a man, what is it that you expect of me?” My answer is – nothing. By merely existing and looking for the truth about your existence, you are already doing everything that is needed. Know that you are loved and supported beyond your comprehension. The universe is holding its breath while watching you rise. We are all immensely proud of your courage. Go now and conquer the world!


Written by Samanta Rejc Debevec ( Tari Pertiwi)




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