The Secret Origin of ‘constructed’ Eve the Mother of Mankind Revealed; Neverending War of The Gods on Earth

The words of the philosopher and writer Manly Palmer Hall best known by his book ‘The Secret Teachings of All Ages’, once said when one learns the language of symbolism one understands the real meaning to them. 

“When the human race learns to read the language of symbolism, a great veil will fall from the eyes of men. They shall then know truth and, more than that, they shall realise that from the beginning truth has been in the world unrecognised, save by a small but gradually increasing number appointed by the Lords of the Dawn as ministers to the needs of human creatures struggling to regain their consciousness of divinity.”

The Anunnaki landed on planet Earth with their space ships around 445,000 years ago on a quest to mine gold which they needed in order to rescue their planet in our solar system called Nibiru. The leader of this expedition and a scientist was Enki, the son of the great King Anu. It was not long before the Igigi’s, the workers, began a rebellion against Enki and the hard work he was putting them through. Both sides came up with a solution; to create a new workforce by the genetic engineering. Enki with his companion and half-sister, chief scientist Ninhursag, began to genetically manipulate the earth ape-men and through artificial means gave birth to the hybrid man, who was a mix of the earth ape-man and the Anunnaki genes. After the successful creation of this hybrid beings the Anunnaki females had to deliver these babies in numbers as the hybrids couldn’t procreate among themselves. They served the Anunnaki as primitive workers to till the land or work in the goldmines.

The story of Eve the mother of Homo Sapiens Sapiens

Like many historical stories where brothers are rivals to the throne, they tried to kill one another. The story of Enki and Enlil, who were heirs to the throne to their planet Nibiru, echoes still to this day. Because gold mining in southern Mesopotamia did not bring much of a success, Enlil who was the commander-in-chief of the excavations in Mesopotamia, soon relocated his half-brother Enki with the hybrid man to go and mine gold in South Africa. As years went by Enlil needed a work force which he didn’t have at his disposal, so, he decided to assemble an army and went to Africa and forcefully captured and enslaved the majority of Enki’s primitive workers. Enki, whose workforce now was depleted, decided to create another improved version of the genetically modified man. This new upgraded version would be able to procreate on his own.

This might be where the writers of the biblical Genesis got their creation story of the first man.

How God ‘created’ Eve we can read about in the book of Genesis chapter 2:21-23. 21 So the Lord God caused the man to fall into a deep sleep; and while he was sleeping, he took one of the man’s ribs and then closed up the place with flesh. 22 Then the Lord God made a woman from the rib he had taken out of the man, and he brought her to the man. 23 The man said, “This is now bone of my bones, and flesh of my flesh; she shall be called ‘woman, for she was taken out of man.”  This genetic manipulation was what enabled Adam and Eve to procreate. Their firstborn child was Cain (meaning ‘Farmer’ in Hebrew) who had to till the land.

After the Adam has been given the anaesthesia an incision was made to remove his rib. The essential part that was extracted from Adam’s bone marrow was to play the crucial role in ‘constructing’ this new type of genetically manipulated and improved female. In his book ‘Genesis Revisited’ Zecharia Sitchin tells us how the Adam’s wife has been ‘constructed’ and not ‘created’ as Adam was in the ‘BIT SHIMTI’ – ‘The House where the wind of Life is breathed in‘ (The Laboratory). When he was deciphering the Sumerian tablets Sitchin compared them with the Bible scriptures of how the biblical Eve (in Hebrew meaning ‘She who has Life‘) SHI.IM.TI – Life/Clay/Belly/Rib came to being. The interpretation of the meaning of Sumerian SHI is ‘breath of life’; IM has many meanings of which one is “clay’, and TI – ‘belly or ‘rib ‘. The meaning of IM and TI, ‘life’, ‘belly’, ‘clay’ could be the Adam’s rib from which the bone marrow has been extracted which is something necessary for life and was then genetically implanted into the primitive female ‘clay’ through the ‘belly’. The author concludes this might be the case, but unfortunately the Sumerian tablets are too damaged to be able read the whole story. From that moment on Homo Sapiens Sapiens started to multiply upon the face of the Earth.

The battle between rival half-brothers Enki, Lord of the Earth and Waters and Enlil the Lord of the Air

Because Enlil had not been chosen by the Anunnaki leadership to be the new king of Nibiru, which he wanted to be, he rebelled against them by building his kingdom. From then on, the war between the Anunnaki’s – the two main characters Enki and Enlil, never stopped which can be seen in many cultures to this day. Enki the Sumerian god of water and earth whose symbol represents the Serpent—Dragon (Life, Wisdom), is ‘god the father’ the creator of Mankind. This serpent knowledge or the great consciousness of the universe has spread all over the world whereas the symbol of these two intertwined serpents over the ‘tree of life’ represents the structure of DNA.

The History is always written by the winners. The interpretation of an Eagle, the symbol of Enlil ‘the god of air’ represents the warlords’ mentality as to who is the king, the ruler of this world and our consciousness.  The struggle between the Serpent and an Eagle can be seen throughout the history on various places where Enlil’s royal lineage of his kingdom through the millennia tries to wipe everything that calls on the name of Enki. Is it mere coincidence or something more sinister that all the serpent heads from the Egyptian statues seems to be deliberate broken off?

Enki had become known in Ancient Greek mythology as the god Poseidon and Enlil as the god Zeus, their symbols have been depicted on many countries’ flags, crests, statues, religions, organisations around the world throughout the history. The prominent symbol of the ancient Roman Empire and the Roman army was an Eagle which even today proudly represents some armies and countries of the world.

Serpent of Wisdom and Life in Medical Profession.
Teotihuacan, Mexico – The Divine Serpent.


The real meaning to symbolism is revealed only to those WHOSE veil from their eyes has fallen and these stories present themselves in more than just a mythology.

To be continued.

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