Exclusive interview with Neuroscientist Dr Mossbridge. How to train your mind to foresee your own future?

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If our life is predestined are we capable, as new scientific research shows, to train our mind to predict our future and even change it? There are many people all around the world with extrasensory perception who are having insight into future events. The scientific term for this psychic ability is precognition. 

Precognitive ability can be developed by education and training one’s own mind to this state of consciousness. It can be done in the same way as exercising one’s body muscles or learning to play a piano, through training. The more focused and receptive to this type of practise one is, the more skilful one becomes at foreseeing the future. Some people who are born with these kind of psychic abilities can develop much quicker but it is not a general rule, one of the benefits of precognitive training is learning and exploring areas of one’s own mind which one is not even conscious about, it opens the neural pathways and develops one’s potential and enhances one’s precognitive abilities .

The majority of scientific experts are focused solely on the physical world whereas others are assured that the metaphysical dimension is as true as this material world we are experiencing now.  The spiritual world exists just the same as the physical world and in time science will start to look at the evidence that supports this. “There is more Universe than meets the eye,” tells Dr Mossbridge.

Human History is full of unexplained phenomenon and almost every culture has had some kind of oracle who had psychic abilities that could foresee future events. Anyone can mentally travel in time to perceive future events and it is not as uncommon as one might think. Neuroscientist Julia Mossbridge Phd, who puts God before science spoke exclusively  to The Sunday Tribune where she explains what premonition is and why precognitive experiences can enhance our lives for the better and also can be used in helping the world.

Julia Mossbridge, PhD, is a Scientist at IONS and the Director of the IONS Innovation Lab. She is also a Visiting Scholar in the Psychology Department at Northwestern University and the Science Director at Focus @ Will. She has been researching time and the unconscious mind which has led to her looking at how one dreams, what intuition is,  soundscape and its  influence on mood, as well as models of transformation and transcendence.

In the latest book ‘The Premonition Code’ by author Theresa Cheung and co-author Dr Julia Mossbridge they have proved that science and spirituality can work hand in hand.

Dr Julia Mossbridge


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