A Manual to Open the Inner-Mind Esoteric Perspective with Joseph McKeaney

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TST spoke to Joseph McKeaney about self-development and his latest book; ‘Opening the Inner-Mind, Meta-Psychology and The Masters of Wisdom.’

Joseph McKeaney has been a teacher in esoteric studies for many years. He runs workshops on self-development in London and recently put the core teachings from these studies into two books.

‘Opening the Inner-Mind, Meta-Psychology and The Masters of Wisdom.’ is the second book by Joseph and explains how one can free oneself from one’s baggage that holds one back in achieving goals, and instead develop into a person who is free to live their life fully and happily. The book gives lessons in how to become more confident and find fulfilment in all aspects of one’s life.

Joseph McKeaney studied many esoteric paths but it was the Gurdjieff work which interested him. In this interview Joseph tells us about Peter Ouspensky, who had searched for a master to show him the answers to the mysteries of this world in the East. Unsatisfied with what the guru’s and yogis had to say he came back to Russia, where he was to meet the man who was to change his life-George Ivanovich Gurdjieff. Ouspensky had found his teacher.

Joseph also has a video channel where he discusses esoteric teachings and these shows can be watched here.
For more information regarding Joseph McKeaney, his books and workshops please go to his website. https://thecoreteaching.weebly.com/


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