Soul to Soul, Creating a Successful Relationship with Joseph McKeaney

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TST spoke to Joseph McKeaney about his books and workshops that deal with relationships, both with oneself and with others.

Joseph McKeaney has been a teacher in esoteric studies for many years. He runs workshops on self-development in London and recently put the core teachings from these studies into two books.

Soul to Soul, Creating a Successful Relationship’ is the first book by Joseph and is a guide to how relationships work, why people attract the wrong type of people to them and how to understand human nature so that one can cope with one’s reactions in relationships. The book describes the many types of people there are in the world and helps the reader to understand themselves and who they are, and also how to have a deeper look at the complex relationships we make with each other.

Joseph McKeaney studied many esoteric paths but it was the Gurdjieff work which interested him. George Ivanovich Gurdjieff regarded himself a teacher of sacred dances, but along with this he was also a mystic and spiritual philosopher. In the early 1900’s he set up his school, ‘The Harmonious Development of Man’ in various countries including Russia and Turkey, finally settling in France. The main premise of Gurdjieff’s teaching was to wake man up.

For more information regarding Joseph McKeaney, his books and workshops please go to his website.


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