A Mesmerist Working-Melissa Tecklenberg

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Melissa Tecklenberg is a qualified therapist in the Mesmer tradition and TST was invited along to Melissa’s practice in South East London to talk to her about how mesmerism and hypnosis can help people live a happier and healthier life. 

Mesmerism is named after Franz Fredrich Anton Mesmer (23rdMay 1734-5thMarch 1815), a German doctor who put forward a theory that there is a natural energetic transference that occurs between all objects, whether animate or inanimate. This energy he referred to as ‘animal magnetism’.

As an astronomer Mesmer wrote about how the planets give off certain energies, which he explained was another form of animal magnetism, related to the gravitational pull of the planets. These energies would drift off into space affecting the other planets, including earth with this magnetic force.

Mesmer put forward that illness occurs because a person’s animal magnetism in their body is depleted. Mesmer would replenish this by putting his patient into a trance and then transferring his own magnetic force into the person.

Mesmer practiced his techniques in France and due to the popularity of his healings he started up The Society of Harmony where members could learn his technique. The medical profession did not like him or his practice and accused him of being a charlatan, but his system continues today and has helped many people.

Melissa explains the difference between hypnosis and mesmerism and gives TST a demonstration.

To find out more about Melissa and the therapy, she offers please go to her website