Cunning Folk released their new album: Constant Companion

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Cunning Folk’s new album ‘Constant Companion’ is a collection of acoustic songs from the British folklore repertoire. Delightful ditties of songs of olden day, George Nigel Hoyle sings and plays guitar on songs about love, death and odd characters from our past that includes Dick Turpin, Robin Hood and Doctor John Dee.  Cunning Folk describe their music as a mixture of music, folklore and magic.

Cunning Folk bring back to contemporary ears forgotten songs from the past, traditional songs that are delightful and played with genuine feeling. The album also includes songs written by Cunning Folk, inspired by the journeys taken to and from gigs, though modern they seem timeless. And mentioning gigs, Cunning Folk are on the road with their always enchanting live performances.

George Nigel Hoyle also runs the Bermondsey Folk Club where locals gather with their instruments for a folk jam and sing along. He also organises the Bermondsey Folk Festival, a free festival which is held annually in Bermondsey, usually in the Autumn with a full program of artists performing around the area.

‘Constant Companion’ is available on Dharma Records.

And you can find out more about Cunning Folk at the website Cunning Folk Music

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