The Art of William Gavan Kearney

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William Gavan Kearney is an Irish artist and musician living in London, the Sunday Tribune spoke to him about his paintings, philosophies and inspirations.

He regards his art as symbolist and his art is indeed full of symbolism, hybrid creatures, archetypal figures that are painted in such a variety of colours that one is surprised when he says that he only uses maybe five different tubes of paint.

One can see in his art many ideas and along with his knowledge of philosophy and history as well as his own conceptions on life and the meaning to it one finds oneself contemplating on his pieces for some time.

Figures take centre stage but these figures are usually in motion, dance appears a lot in his work as well as figures in social scenes. One can recognise interpretations of mythological figures such as Medusa riding a big white horse.

Kearney is a philosophical man and many of his paintings look at the human being, the self within, or, as he says; the many self’s within, as we all seem to be a divided person.

Kearney’s musical alter ego is Sand Snowman, he collaborates with many other musicians and he released a new album recently, the cover designed by himself.

William’s art and music harmonise together and you can watch our interview here with him and also find out more at his Facebook page:

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