The Premonition Code; When Science and Spirituality works hand in hand

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What does this physical world represent and why are we here? Millions of people around the world have been asking these kind of questions for centuries and yet,  still nobody knows the true answer to our existence. Has everything happened merely by chance with the ‘Big Bang‘ or are we all part of a divine plan? Science still cannot prove or disapprove the existence of God or of spiritual realms and yet there are billions of people who believe that after their death they will go to Heaven. As strange as it may seem, there are numerous people who have had near-death experiences and went to the ‘other side’ where they met with divine beings. After a short contact with these angelic beings they return back to this reality with an important message for their future.

Is there another way to predict our future? For her new groundbreaking book ‘The Premonition code’, best-selling author, theologian and spiritual researcher Teresa Cheung has collaborated with cognitive neuroscientist Julia Mossbridge (Phd), the Director of the innovation Lab at The Institute of Noetic Sciences (IONS) in the United States. Together they have revealed revolutionary new research showing that sensing the future is possible and also how to learn and train in special techniques to gain insight into our own future.

How one can develop and train in these techniques to tap into a premonition (super-intuition) Theresa Cheung explains in this short video chat we had with her.

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